B2C Reddit Advertising: Practical Examples

B2C Reddit Advertising: Practical Examples

Reddit ad campaign examples

Welcome to the world of B2C Reddit ads! As we dive deeper into this exciting platform, we’ll guide you through real-life examples and help you:

  1. Understand how to use subreddits for targeting your audience and maximising engagement and conversions
  2. Discover successful ad formats that work best on Reddit
  3. Get a feel for the unique and engaging tone that Reddit users love

Let’s take a closer look at some key trends we’ve uncovered while analysing these ads:

  • Reddit ads have a distinct, engaging, and often tongue-in-cheek vibe, setting them apart from platforms like LinkedIn, especially when they’re cleverly placed in specific subreddits
  • Speaking of subreddits, there is a huge benefit of placing ads on Reddit because brands can be very specific with where to display their ads
  • Headlines are typically short and sweet
  • Mentioning offers and time-limited deals tends to be highly effective at driving engagement
  • Visuals are often fun and meme-like, just like the typical images you tend to see on Reddit

Reddit B2C ad examples

To master the art of Reddit advertising, let’s draw inspiration from real examples.

Lidl video ad:

Lidl is a budget-friendly supermarket that tends to create playful and bold ads.

Lidl Reddit ad

Our take on this ad:

Lidl’s video ad brings a friendly and tongue-in-cheek approach to the table. It starts with a cereal package from a familiar brand, boldly showing a £3.30 price tag at rival Tesco. It’s a bit like a playful wink to viewers, hinting that there’s something exciting coming up. And indeed, it is, as the ad swiftly shifts to Lidl’s own cereal, adding a croissant, milk, and fruit, all bundled up for just £3.09. The message is crystal clear: Lidl gives you more bang for your buck. The tagline, “Always Lidl on price,” reinforces their commitment to affordability with a playful nudge. And let’s not forget the headline, “Make a few paninis… or save a few penni-nies,” reinforcing the ad’s lighthearted and fun spirit.

Argos image ad:

Argos is one of the UK’s leading general merchandise retailers.

Argos Reddit ad

Our take on this  ad:

This image ad presents an offer in a straightforward and attention-grabbing manner. The headline conveys the key aspects of the furniture sale with substantial savings and timely delivery for Christmas. The image design, in red and white, serves as an attention-grabbing backdrop, effectively signalling a sale event. The “Shop now” call to action guides viewers towards taking action. While the ad is relatively simple and to the point, it aims to capture the audience’s attention and appeal to those in search of furniture deals leading up to the holiday season.

Santander image ad:

Santander is a financial services provider offering an extensive range of personal and commercial financial products and services.

Santander Reddit ad

Our take on this ad:

Suitably positioned within the parenting subreddit, Santander’s life insurance promotion offers a compelling £150 cashback incentive for new life insurance policy sign-ups. The accompanying visual is minimalistic, aligning well with the brand’s identity and ensuring clarity in its message. The headline conveys a powerful message about protecting one’s family, striking a resonant chord. Additionally, the advertisement provides an effective “Learn more” call to action (CTA).

Which? image ad:

Which? is a British brand that helps inform consumers about goods and services by testing products or services and providing impartial guidance.

Which Reddit ad

Our take on this ad: 

Which?’s ad smartly appeals to potential kitchen buyers in a home improvement subreddit. While the ad effectively conveys its message, the headline’s length could be trimmed for better impact. The kitchen image aligns well with the ad’s theme, maintaining consistency with the brand’s visuals.

Apple video ad:

Apple is a brand that undoubtedly speaks for itself, requiring no introduction or explanation. Consequently, their ads embrace minimalism and sophistication, allowing their products to shine with elegance and simplicity.

Apple Reddit ad

Our take on this ad:

Apple’s Reddit ad for the new MacBook Pro. It’s elegant, sleek, and simple, in line with the brand’s style. Apple’s confidence in its brand is clear, as the ad doesn’t overcomplicate things with technical jargon. Instead, it lets the product’s aesthetics and Apple’s reputation speak for themselves, making it an alluring and sophisticated ad.

Sky video ad:

Sky is the largest media company in Europe, providing TV, internet and telephone services to both consumers and businesses.

Sky Reddit ad

Our take on this ad:

The ad features an exciting trailer for an upcoming TV series set to premiere on Sky TV. With the launch date approaching (just one week after the creation of this post), it ensures that potential viewers have enough time to subscribe. The ad copy is engaging and imbued with a Reddit-style tone, actively encouraging dialogue and discussion. Definitely makes me want to watch the show!

We’re really hoping that these real-life examples have lit a spark of inspiration in you! If you’re ready to jump into your next Reddit ad campaign, don’t hesitate to shoot us a message. We’re here to help you every step of the way!


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