Introduction: The Evolving Landscape of B2B Media Buying

Diving into B2B Advertising: An Overview

Introduction: The Evolving Landscape of B2B Media Buying

The B2B advertising landscape is shifting rapidly, with digital becoming more central to an organisation’s route to market. Advant Technology is at the forefront, focusing on delivering its client’s leads and sales through paid media.

What is B2B Advertising? Decoding the Basics

B2B advertising promotes products and services directly to other businesses. Unlike B2C advertising targeting general consumers, B2B targets working professionals, decision-makers, and stakeholders within companies.Demystifying B2B Advertising: Fundamentals Explained

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B2B Advertising: The Key to Business Growth and Success

B2B digital advertising is, today, integral for businesses to build brand awareness, generate leads, and drive sales. While the fundamentals might echo B2C advertising – such as the importance of understanding the target audience – the execution often differs. For instance, in B2B advertising sales strategies might focus more on solution-based messaging, understanding organizational pain points, and providing clear ROI evidence.

The Role of a B2B Advertising Company:

A B2B advertising company, aka B2B media agency, can play a pivotal role in crafting and executing successful campaigns. By leveraging market research, industry trends, and deep-seated expertise, these agencies ensure that advertisements resonate with the intended audience. Advant Technology is a key agency player with their innovative and proprietary data-led approach to media buying.

Leveraging Social Media: The Impact of LinkedIn on B2B Advertising

Social media platforms are increasingly influential in B2B advertising, with LinkedIn as the primary platform. LinkedIn uniquely accesses a focused group of professionals, key decision-makers, and sector leaders. Its precise targeting capabilities let businesses engage their desired audience using criteria like industry, job role, and company size. Furthermore, LinkedIn’s detailed analytics equips advertisers with the data needed to adjust campaigns, evaluate outcomes, and enhance ROI through appropriate adjustments. Harnessing LinkedIn for B2B Advertising Success: LinkedIn's Impact and Targeting Precision

Programmatic Advertising and its Role in B2B

Programmatic advertising automates the ad-buying process, allowing businesses to serve ads against a specific set of critera. ABM (Account-Based Marketing) tools have been the game changer in recent years, allowing you to target specific high-value accounts. This is done via integrating platforms such as Bombora’s intent data, making it feasible to deliver highly relevant messaging to the audiences at the right time and in the right context.

Google Ads and its Role in B2B

Google Ads is a pivotal player in B2B advertising, capitalizing on the power of search intent. When professionals actively seek solutions, Google Ads, when set up correctly, can get your business visibility when relevancy is highest. By targeting industry-specific keywords, advertisers can place their ads directly in front of decision-makers, optimizing both reach and budget efficiency. This real-time alignment with a user’s search intent translates to higher-quality leads and an increased chance of conversion.

Real-Time Reporting and Campaign Optimisation

Real-time reporting has been a big part of what makes digital campaigns more effective. It provides advertisers with up-to-the-minute data on campaign performance, allowing for prompt adjustments and refinements. Key metrics like click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate, cost per click (CPC), and return on ad spend (ROAS) are just some of the indicators of a campaign’s effectiveness. Monitoring these metrics closely helps advertisers identify high-performing segments and underperforming ones. By doing so, agencies like Advant Technology can reallocate budgets in real-time to optimize for maximum ROI.

Final Words:

B2B advertising is evolving partly due to the way in which the customers choose to buy products and solutions, as part of that change, B2B entities need to look ahead and focus on solutions and technologies that get their message across the buyer journey.


9 Reasons Why B2B Brands Need To Be Using Quora Ads

9 Reasons Why B2B Brands Need To Be Using Quora Ads


In the world of B2B digital advertising, every marketing director seeks innovative channels that offer targeted reach, cost efficiency, and robust lead generation. Enter Quora Ads, a powerful tool that leverages the platform’s community-driven nature to engage potential customers uniquely and effectively. In this article, we’ll explore why Quora Ads should be essential to your B2B marketing strategies. We’ve even thrown in some example B2B Quora Ads to give you some inspiration of what other brands are doing on the platform. or

Reason 1: Hyper Targeted Advertising

Quora’s community-based platform enables B2B advertising that’s precision-focused. Utilize B2B data segmentation, account targeting, and industry-specific advertising to reach the right decision-makers within relevant industries. Your B2B ad campaigns will resonate with a highly engaged audience. Image of B2B ad – Describe the brand and the product / service they are promoting Hyper Targeted Advertising

Reason 2: Thought Leadership 

Position your brand as an industry leader by integrating thought leadership content into your Quora Ads. You can share whitepapers, webinars, and insights that align with B2B branding to build credibility and trust within your targeted communities. Image of B2B ad – Describe the brand and the product/service they are promoting. Thought Leadership

Reason 3: Effective Lead Generation / Demand Gen

Quora Ads are not just about visibility; they drive conversions. With powerful lead generation tools and strategic demand generation capabilities, you can tailor your ads to guide potential clients through the B2B sales funnel, maximizing B2B conversion optimization. Image of B2B ad – Describe the brand and the product / service they are promoting. Effective Lead Generation / Demand Gen

Reason 4: Content Marketing and B2B Native Advertising

Quora offers a unique blend of content marketing and B2B native advertising. Craft compelling content that feels organic to the platform and engages readers, fostering a seamless customer experience that encourages conversion. Image of B2B ad – Describe the brand and the product / service they are promoting. This can be done using the questions ad format. Content Marketing and B2B Native Advertising

Reason 5: Multi-Channel Marketing and CRM Integration

Enhance your multi-channel marketing approach by integrating Quora Ads with your existing CRM integration. This creates a cohesive marketing ecosystem, driving customer acquisition and aligning with your B2B marketing funnels. Image of B2B ad – Describe the brand and the product/service they are promoting. Multi-Channel Marketing and CRM Integration

Reason 6: ROI Tracking and Marketing Analytics

With Quora’s robust ROI tracking and marketing analytics, you have access to real-time insights that allow for continuous optimization of your campaigns. Make data-driven decisions that align with your marketing KPIs and business goals. Image of B2B ad – Describe the brand and the product / service they are promoting ROI Tracking and Marketing Analytics

Reason 7: Retargeting B2B Leads and Customer Engagement

Quora Ads offer powerful retargeting tools to reconnect with potential leads. Engage with your audience through personalized content, fostering B2B customer engagement and building long-term relationships. Image of B2B ad – Describe the brand and the product / service they are promoting Retargeting B2B Leads and Customer Engagement

Reason 8: Cost-Efficient B2B Social Media Advertising

Quora Ads offer an economical approach to B2B social media advertising. With targeted reach and effective lead generation, you can drive sales without investing too much. We recomend a budget of $10,000 to begin with. It complements other channels like LinkedIn advertising, providing a holistic marketing approach. Image of B2B ad – Describe the brand and the product / service they are promoting Cost-Efficient B2B Social Media Advertising

Reason 9: Integration with B2B Video Marketing and Email Marketing

Expand your B2B video marketing and email marketing strategies by incorporating Quora Ads rich media formats. Share video content or create exclusive offers to drive leads to sign up for newsletters or webinars, enhancing your overall marketing reach. Image of B2B ad – Describe the brand and the product / service they are promoting Integration with B2B Video Marketing and Email Marketing


Quora Ads are not just another advertising platform; they offer a rich, community-driven approach to B2B advertising that can redefine your lead generation and sales strategy. By leveraging targeted advertising, content marketing, analytics, and more, Quora Ads provide a versatile and cost-efficient avenue for B2B brands.

B2B Display Advertising: 9 Reasons You Need To Get Involved

B2B Display Advertising: 9 Reasons You Need To Get Involved


In the ever-changing digital world, programmatic advertising has taken centre stage. You could be missing out if you’re a marketing director with a vision to grow your B2B brand and aren’t currently using display advertising. Advant Technology works extensively in the B2B space, and we’re here to give you 9 reasons you should get on board the programmatic display advertising train. The display ads revolution is now, and it’s happening in part due to data. Let’s dive in:

Reason 1: Precision and Efficiency with Real-Time Bidding

Programmatic advertising isn’t a buzzword. It’s a method that streamlines the buying and placement of display ads, making it efficient and precise. Through real-time bidding, we at Advant Technology enable your brand to buy ad impressions on an ad exchange instantaneously. This eliminates the need for traditional human negotiations, allowing for ad optimization and an improved ROI.

Precision and Efficiency with Real-Time Bidding

Reason 2: Targeted Advertising Through Advanced Technologies

With our extensive experience in programmatic analytics and ad verification, Advant Technology empowers B2B brands with targeted advertising that actually converts. Leveraging audience segmentation, behavioural targeting, geotargeting, and contextual targeting, we ensure that your ads reach the right audience at the right time. This highly targeted approach can increase click-through rates (CTR) and conversion tracking, aligning with your demand generation and account-based marketing (ABM) strategies.

Targeted Advertising Through Advanced Technologies

Reason 3: Data-Driven Marketing and Compliance

In a world where data privacy and GDPR compliance are paramount, Advant Technology ensures that your B2B programmatic advertising adheres to all legal requirements without sacrificing efficiency. Our data-driven marketing approach utilizes both first-party data and third-party data to fuel campaigns while ensuring brand safety. Our ad fraud detection capabilities further protect your investment. At the same time, our programmatic creative process ensures that dynamic ads are developed in alignment with your brand’s values and goals.

Data-Driven Marketing and Compliance

Reason 4: Enhanced Brand Safety and Viewability

With Advant Technology, brand safety and ad viewability are essential for our B2B brands. Utilizing top-tier ad verification tools like IAS and double verify, we ensure that your display ad formats are placed in environments that align with your brand values. We also carefully analyze ad placements and ad networks to maximize viewability, enhancing the likelihood of conversion.

Enhanced Brand Safety and Viewability

Reason 5: Dynamic Ad Inventory Management

Managing ad inventory can be overwhelming, but not when you have Advant Technology’s expertise, knowledge and experience. Leveraging our programmatic analytics, we dynamically manage ad spend across various networks, ensuring optimal ad placements and efficiency. This means more leads through more efficient media buying.

Dynamic Ad Inventory Management

Reason 6: Multi-Touch Attribution for Comprehensive Analysis

Understanding your customer’s journey is vital. Our multi-touch attribution modelling provides a comprehensive view of how your display ads perform across the marketing funnel. This holistic approach allows for more informed decision-making, aligning with your broader demand generation and account-based marketing (ABM) strategies.

Multi-Touch Attribution for Comprehensive Analysis

Reason 7: Engagement Metrics and Lead Generation

Using sophisticated engagement metrics, Advant Technology helps you understand how your display ads resonate with your audience. Combined with strategic lead generation and marketing automation, we turn impressions into meaningful connections, fueling your sales funnel with leads.

Engagement Metrics and Lead Generation

Reason 8: Adherence to Data Privacy Regulations

Navigating data privacy and GDPR compliance can be challenging. Advant Technology’s commitment to compliance ensures that your programmatic advertising efforts are aligned with the latest regulations without sacrificing creativity or reach.

Improved Data Privacy and Compliance

Reason 9: Innovative Programmatic Strategies and Optimization

Innovation is at the core of what we do. By exploring and implementing cutting-edge programmatic strategies and ad optimization, Advant Technology ensures that your B2B brand stays ahead of the curve. We leverage the latest trends like programmatic creative, dynamic ads, and geotargeting to deliver results that exceed expectations.

Innovative Programmatic Strategies and Optimization


Programmatic display advertising is more than a digital marketing trend; it’s an essential tool for B2B brands aiming for growth, efficiency, and innovation. With Advant Technology’s tailored approach, international presence, and commitment to excellence, we offer unparalleled expertise in transforming advertising campaigns.

Don’t just follow the trend; lead it.


Are LinkedIn Ads worth it?

Are LinkedIn Ads worth it?

Should Your Business Use LinkedIn Ads?

The business game has shifted, and so has how professionals connect. Enter LinkedIn – not just a platform for networking, but a platform for people to scout for jobs, get their daily scoop, and for advertisers, a way to put their brand out there.

LinkedIn Advertising is not just about targeting an audience; it’s about building relationships with future partners, customers, and advocates.

Are you all set to take your business up a notch? Not just be a part of the chit-chat, but lead it? LinkedIn Advertising is where it’s at, and the opportunities?

To answer the question as to whether LinkedIn ads are worth it, we need to look at a number of things, and ultimately that will depend on your brand’s B2B objectives. We’re going to shed some insight into what the ads platform is all about, and hopefully, with this greater understanding, you’ll be in a better position to see where you want to run a test campaign, either in-house or with a LinkedIn agency like ours.

Are LinkedIn Ads worth it?

Scale: Tap into LinkedIn’s Extensive User Base

LinkedIn is home to over 930 million professionals worldwide. This impressive user base includes executives from every Fortune 500 company, decision-makers in various sectors, and many young professionals eager to engage with forward-thinking brands. We help businesses tap into this extensive user base, crafting tailored advertising strategies that resonate with specific audience segments. Our efforts amplify your brand’s message, guaranteeing its precise delivery to the right recipients and, in the process, transforming passive observers into engaged customers.

Precise Targeting Options

Precise Targeting Options

LinkedIn Ads perform due to their exceptional targeting capabilities. When it comes to LinkedIn, you’ve got an arsenal of options to narrow down your audience. You can slice and dice audiences based on factors like where they’re located, their job title, their industry, the size of their company, and even specific skills or groups they’re a part of. This surgical precision in targeting guarantees that your ads land right in front of the folks most likely to be interested in your offering. This approach sits within the school of marketing called Account Based Marketing or ABM.

Advant Technology excels in exploiting these targeting options. We delve deep into audience analysis, understand your ideal customers and their wants, and devise media strategies to reach them in the best and most efficient manner.

Generate High-Quality Leads

Generate High-Quality Leads

Thanks to its professional vibe and massive reach, LinkedIn is a real B2B lead generation powerhouse. LinkedIn Ads can significantly improve the quality of your leads, but only if you set up the campaigns properly. If you work as a B2B marketer, you’ll know how important it is to give quality leads to your sales team; they’ll thank you for it :). Because of this, we have a two-fold focus, increasing the number of your leads and improving their quality. It’s achieved through better data targeting and optimization. Our data-driven approach and rigorous optimization techniques ensure your LinkedIn Ads capture high-intent leads, leading to improved conversion rates and more sales.

Lead Gen Formats

From a lead gen perspective, you have several formats; document ads, lead gen forms or image/video ads, which lead to your site, whereby you can later capture the lead. Which format is right will depend on the content and product service, among other factors, which we will analyze. 

Build and Showcase Your Brand

LinkedIn Ads are not simply about positioning your product; they’re a vehicle for narrating your brand’s ethos and vision. Sure, leads are important, but we also recommend investing in brand awareness. Do it right, and businesses will recognize your brand’s voice amidst the digital chatter. It’s about building trust, positioning yourself as top of mind in the industry, and building more profound connections with your audience. Lead generation: On the flip side, we’re all looking for immediate results, right? The budget allocation between brand and lead gen is a difficult one to navigate and takes careful media planning. How you choose to invest between these approaches will depend on your company’s objectives. In a nutshell, while building brand equity is the marathon, lead gen is the sprint. In the B2B scene on LinkedIn, you’ve got the track for both.

Amplify Content Through Sponsored Posts

LinkedIn’s feature of boosting content via Sponsored Posts offers a powerful avenue to ensure your top-performing posts reach a wider segment of your intended audience. This goes beyond merely expanding your reach; it’s about aligning content with the distinct interests of your audience, turning engagement into a two-way conversation. By identifying the content that resonates and then amplifying it through LinkedIn’s Sponsored Posts, you can significantly enhance engagement, drive traffic, and multiply the leads for your business while fostering a meaningful relationship with your customers.

Want more traffic?

Want more traffic?

LinkedIn Ads offer a straightforward yet versatile way to achieve the common business goal of increasing website traffic, especially compared to traditional Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. While PPC focuses on immediate click-based results, LinkedIn Ads enable you to craft visually engaging ads that catch the eye and motivate users to click through. By targeting the right professional audience and aligning your ads with their specific interests, LinkedIn Ads can be more precise in driving quality visitors to your website, blog, or designated landing pages. This strategic alignment with your target audience’s needs and preferences sets LinkedIn Ads apart from generic PPC strategies, leading to a boost in traffic, enhanced engagement, and a more effective transformation of visitors into valuable leads. The ability to resonate with the professional audience and LinkedIn’s robust analytics offer a more tailored and potentially rewarding approach to online advertising.

Got An Event You Want to Promote?

LinkedIn Ads are a powerful tool for promoting webinars, seminars, or corporate events. The platform’s precise targeting capabilities enable you to pinpoint those most likely interested in your events. By creating engaging ads that spark curiosity and inspire action, you can tap into LinkedIn’s influential advertising tools to elevate awareness and engagement. This focused strategy ensures that your promotions find the right eyes, maximizing attendance and transforming casual interest into meaningful participation.

Test To Improve Ad Performance

Test To Improve Ad PerformanceThe key to success in digital advertising often lies in continuous testing and optimization. With LinkedIn Ads, A/B testing is a highly effective method for determining what works best for your target audience. By comparing two versions of an ad to see which performs better, you can continuously improve your campaigns for maximum impact. At Advant Technology, we believe in regular testing and experimentation to uncover new opportunities. We leverage A/B testing to fine-tune your LinkedIn Ads, helping you discover the most effective messages, visuals, and strategies to resonate with your target audience and drive the desired actions.

Who Can You Reach?

Unlike those old-school ad channels where you’re shouting into the void, LinkedIn Ads let you have a direct convo with the movers and shakers in your industry. We’re talking laser-focused strategies that hit the right note with these power players.

Businesses can spark genuine interest and drive decisive action by employing tailored strategies that use relevant and impactful messaging. This precise targeting and personalized approach helps build meaningful connections and offers an advantage over broader methods. 

LinkedIn Ads Best Kept Secret

LinkedIn Ads and Bombora’s programmatic advertising bring fresh and creative ways to reach audiences, but they have different focuses and approaches. LinkedIn’s Account-Based Marketing (ABM) approach zeroes in on specific client accounts within its professional network, delivering a super personalized ad experience. The platform’s data richness ensures meaningful interactions with high-value accounts and decision-makers.

On the flip side, Bombora is like a guru of B2B intent data. It helps businesses figure out the buying intentions of organizations across various platforms, giving insights into what products and services companies are actively looking into. Both tools are dynamite when used correctly, depending on your business’s goals. Mixing LinkedIn with Bombora’s full-on intent data could create an awesome combo, making your marketing even smarter and more effective.

Access Detailed Performance Analytics

Access Detailed Performance AnalyticsAds can only be deemed worth it if you’re measuring campaign performance. LinkedIn provides detailed analytics that offers valuable reporting insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns. At Advant Technology, we’re all about the magic of data-driven choices. 

Our campaign managers provide clients with custom performance dashboards that cover all bases. These dashboards are fine-tuned for specific goals and give live updates on how your campaigns are doing. Armed with these insights, we can keep making intelligent moves that keep your LinkedIn Ads rocking the charts.

Lead Qualification

Tracking leads isn’t enough; you also need to monitor the quality, as not all leads are of equal value. Lead qualification helps identify which leads are most likely to become customers. This isn’t something we normally get involved in, but we highly recommend you review lead quality on your side. 

LinkedIn Consultancy

So are LinkedIn ads worth it? 

You see, LinkedIn Ads aren’t just a tool; they’re a resource that can put your brand on the map, engaging the very people who matter most to your business. With precise targeting, high-quality lead generation, robust analytics, and diverse ad formats, you’ve got everything you need to drive results. But it’s not just a matter of throwing an ad out there; it’s about crafting a strategy that fits your goals and speaks directly to your audience.

At Advant Technology, we’re tuned into that frequency. We know the lay of the land and the pulse of the market. We’ve seen businesses grow and thrive through LinkedIn Ads. Whether it’s brand-building, lead generation, event promotion, or a bit of everything, we’ve got the insights and expertise to make it happen.

If you’re ready to step up, test the waters, and see what LinkedIn Ads can do for your business, give us a holler. Let’s innovate and strategize together. Because in this fast-paced digital world, staying still isn’t an option!


8 Reasons Why Bombora and Display Advertising the Perfect Match

Reasons Why Bombora and Display Advertising the Perfect Match


In the ever-changing landscape of digital advertising, we at Advant Technology recognize that B2B brands like yours are constantly on the lookout for inventive methods to connect with your target audiences accurately and effectively. Having worked with Bombora and programmatic DSPs, we’re experts in helping b2b brands reach their audience efficiently.

By fusing Bombora’s intent data insights with our seasoned expertise in programmatic display advertising, we’ve crafted a strategy that has proven to be a game-changer for many of our clients. Here are 8 compelling reasons your business should consider leveraging this robust combination, guided by our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and proven results.

Reason 1: Enhanced Targeting with Intent Data

Bombora’s intent data provides invaluable insights into what your target audience is actively researching online. When paired with programmatic display’s targeting capabilities, you can craft B2B ad campaigns that resonate with prospects precisely when they are most receptive.

Targeting with Intent Data

Reason 2: Optimized Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

You can supercharge your account-based marketing (ABM) strategy by integrating Bombora’s data with programmatic advertising. Target specific accounts with tailored content, driving engagement and conversion through data-driven marketing.

Maximize Your New Account Based Marketing Strategy

Reason 3: Increased Lead Generation Efficiency

Utilize Bombora’s insights to identify high-potential leads that match your ideal customer profile. Target them with programmatic display ads to maximize lead generation, guiding them through the B2B sales funnel with minimal wasted effort.

Increased Lead Generation Efficiency

Reason 4: Customized Multi-Channel Marketing

When used in tandem with programmatic display, Bombora’s data allows for seamless multi-channel marketing. Ensure consistent channel messaging, build your B2B branding, and enhance customer acquisition through targeted strategies.

Customized Multi-Channel Marketing

Reason 5: Innovative B2B Content Distribution

Leverage Bombora’s insights for strategic B2B content distribution across programmatic display networks. Whether it’s whitepapers, webinars, or thought leadership content, programmatic display can promote a range of content from your landing pages.

Innovative B2B Content Distribution

Reason 6: Real-time ROI Tracking and Analytics

With our real-time data and programmatic analytics you can access immediate ROI tracking. Optimize your B2B ad placements and monitor performance in real-time, aligning with your marketing KPIs.

Real-time ROI Tracking and Analytics

Reason 7: Enhanced B2B Conversion Optimization

Understanding your audience’s intent enables you to align your ad content with their needs, leading to improved B2B conversion optimization. Provide solutions before they even know they need them, driving conversions and boosting ROI.

Enhanced B2B Conversion Optimization

Reason 8: Improved Data Privacy and Compliance

Combining Bombora’s compliant intent data with programmatic display ensures adherence to regulations such as GDPR compliance. Target your audience without compromising on data privacy, maintaining trust, and brand integrity.

Improved Data Privacy and Compliance


In the competitive world of B2B digital advertising, integrating Bombora with programmatic display advertising provides a strategic edge that’s hard to beat. This combination offers unparalleled advantages, from precise targeting and enhanced ABM to real-time analytics and content distribution. Help us help you, reach out now.


What is Bombora Intent Data and Why is it Important for B2B Advertising?

Bombora Intent Data. Why is it Important for B2B Advertising

Bombora Intent Data Explained

Bombora stands at the forefront of the intent data space, offering invaluable insights into which businesses are actively researching specific products, services, or subjects. By observing content consumption behaviours across a comprehensive network of B2B publishers, Bombora can pinpoint surges in specific interests, enabling advertisers to connect with businesses precisely when they’re most open to engagement.

Advant Technology has partnered with Bombora to offer this data to our B2B clients.

What exactly is “intent data”? Intent data provides insights into the online behavior of potential buyers, such as the content they’re engaging with, indicating their buying intentions. This data can be captured from various sources, including search behavior, web visits, and content engagement.

What is Bombora Intent Data

The Importance of Intent Data in B2B Advertising

  1. Enhanced Precision: Dive deep into the exact needs and interests of businesses to tailor messaging effectively against a specific list of topics:

  2. Synchronized Engagement: Engage potential clients at the right time, amplifying the chances of conversion.

  3. Maximized ROI: Channel resources towards high-intent leads, ensuring that advertising spends are used most efficiently.

  4. Stay Ahead: Knowledge is power by knowing what potential clients are seeking and when you gain a competitive advantage.

Navigating Bombora’s Intent Levels: Insights for Our Partners

Bombora’s Intent Levels serve as an instrument to pinpoint when businesses display a spike in interest in particular topics, potentially hinting at a forthcoming purchase decision. Here’s an overview:

  1. Spotting the Surge: Bombora has a mechanism to spot an uptick in the engagement of a particular Intent Topic. It monitors users’ depth, frequency, and volume from a firm diving into that subject. A surge indicates that a business might be in the decision-making phase.

  2. Understanding Company Surge®: Company Surge® by Bombora evaluates intent by juxtaposing recent 3-week data against a 12-week historical frame. An anomaly in this period denotes heightened interest.

  3. The Rating Mechanism: Every Intent Topic is graded on a scale from 0-100. A score beyond 60 suggests a rising interest in that topic. To make this data actionable, RollWorks classifies these numbers into categories: “Medium”, “High”, or “Very High”.

  4. Categorizing Topics: With the help of machine learning, Bombora systematically arranges these Intent Topics. This structured approach lets us align our strategies with topics relevant to your product/service or target audience interests .

  5. Keeping Data Fresh: Bombora believes in working with the latest insights, hence the data undergoes a weekly refresh.

At Advant Technology, we focus on harnessing tools like Bombora for accuracy and relevancy in our campaigns. The value of identifying elevated interest should be considered in B2B campaigns. We’re here to ensure that these nuances are not just captured, but actively utilized.

Bombora Intent FAQs


How much does it cost to use Intent Data?

Bombora prices its intent data on a CPM (Cost Per Thousand) basis. This means that clients are charged based on the number of impressions or data points they access or utilize, multiplied by the CPM rate. While the exact CPM can vary depending on the depth, specificity, and volume of the data required, it is generally within the $1.50 – $3.00 range, reach out to us get more details on pricing. The return on investment when using intent data often outweighs the initial cost, as the insights provided can lead to more targeted and effective marketing campaigns, potentially driving higher conversion rates and improved sales performance.

How do I measure the ROI of using intent data in my campaigns? You can gauge its impact and ROI by comparing metrics like conversion rates, lead quality, and sales performance before and after the integration of intent data.

What about data privacy and GDPR compliance? Bombora is GDPR compliant, ensuring that all data is ethically sourced with user privacy in mind. Always ensure any intent data provider respects global data protection regulations.

How reliable is intent data? The reliability of intent data depends on the sources from which it’s derived and the methodologies used to interpret it. Bombora uses advanced algorithms and a broad base of data sources to ensure accuracy.

How is Bombora’s intent data different from others in the market? Bombora aggregates intent data from a cooperative of B2B publishers, providing a broad and comprehensive view of organizational content consumption.


How To Choose a LinkedIn Marketing Agency

How To Choose a LinkedIn Marketing Agency

LinkedIn isn’t just another social media platform; it’s a powerhouse for business-to-business marketing. With over 930 million professionals, it’s the go-to platform for brands wanting to establish their position, drive thought leadership, and generate high-quality leads. 

The right agency can make all the difference in executing an effective campaign that delivers quality leads from your target audience or a bunch of wasted media spend. 

Selecting the right LinkedIn marketing agency begins with understanding your objectives and ensuring the agency aligns with these ambitions.

LinkedIn Marketing Agency 

We’ve got some short but sweet things to consider when you’re looking for a LinkedIn Paid Media agency:

  1. Self-Assessment: Recognize where your brand stands and what you hope to achieve. This helps in selecting an agency that aligns with your growth stage.
  2. Audience Targeting: The right agency should accentuate the importance of audience insights. With Advant Technology’s 8-step process, for example, “Target Audience Insights, Research & Education” sits prominently as a pivotal step.
  3. Ask About Their Approach: Investigate the agency’s methodologies. Do they, for example, like us, emphasize data analytics and real-time optimization.
  4. Transparency and Collaboration: Ensure your agency values collaboration and transparency. Agencies like Advant Technology, which consider collaboration and honesty as their pillars, often translate these values into more synchronized and successful campaigns.
  5. Strategize with the End in Mind: Visualize the desired outcome while setting objectives. Your chosen agency should not just offer you a strategy but also detailed reporting, continuous optimization, and innovative solutions, ensuring your goals are not just met but exceeded.
  6. Budget: Understand your budgetary constraints. Some agencies like ours have minimum monthly budgets. At Advant Technology, that’s generally around $10k per month. 
  7. Pricing: An agency’s pricing model should be clear. Clarity ensures no hidden costs or surprises, whether it’s a fixed fee, percentage of spend, or another model.
  8. Experience: Investigate the agency’s track record. Advant Technology’s programmatic campaigns since 2014, and their results-oriented approach, testify to their expertise.
  9. Location: While many agencies operate globally like ours, understanding their base location can be necessary for communication, cultural alignment, and potential face-to-face meetings. Advant Technology’s UK base with an international team ensures we cater to a global clientele while maintaining a solid local presence in the UK. Still, we also partner with regional affiliated partner offices if we need on-the-ground support in other markets.
  10. Reporting: Comprehensive and transparent reporting is key. Ask how often you’ll receive updates on your campaigns. Advant Technology, for instance, ensures performance monitoring with data-led decisions, helping clients understand the ROI of their campaigns.
  11. Lead Generation: For B2B brands, LinkedIn can be a goldmine for lead generation. The agency should have proven tactics to drive potential business leads, from sponsored content, gated or ungated document ads or even InMail strategies.
  12. Industry Experience: Does the agency have experience in your sector? This can offer insights and tailored strategies that others might miss. An agency’s familiarity with specific industries ensures a more nuanced approach.
  13. LinkedIn within a Comprehensive Channel Strategy: In today’s digital ecosystem, an effective B2B marketing strategy isn’t confined to one platform. An agency’s strength could lie in their ability to integrate LinkedIn with broader paid media strategies, encompassing tools like Google Ads and programmatic platforms. When considering an agency, it’s imperative to choose one that not only understands the unique strengths of LinkedIn but also knows how to harmonize it with other platforms for a synchronized, multi-faceted approach. With firms like Advant Technology, you get the expertise of melding LinkedIn’s professional network with the expansive reach of Google Ads and the precision of programmatic, ensuring a cohesive and robust digital strategy.
  14. Integrating Bombora Data Sync for a Robust LinkedIn Strategy: As the B2B landscape grows more complex, incorporating intent data like that from Bombora becomes paramount. When seeking a LinkedIn marketing agency, evaluating their experience syncing Bombora’s rich data insights directly into LinkedIn campaigns is very important. An agency’s track record of such integrations and its relationship with Bombora speaks volumes about its capacity to effectively harness intent data. Partnering with agencies that have a solid affiliation with Bombora ensures that your LinkedIn strategy is continually informed and refined by real-time, intent-driven insights, maximizing relevance and engagement.

As you set clear objectives for your B2B LinkedIn marketing, it’s equally crucial to pick an agency that embodies these aspirations. An agency’s proficiency, represented by its tools, approach, and values, should echo your goals.

To help you get started, here are a few questions you could ask the agency?

To help you get started, here are a few questions you could ask the agency?

  1. What is your experience with B2B LinkedIn advertising campaigns?
  2. Can you provide examples of successful campaigns with similar businesses or industries?
  3. How do you integrate Bombora Data Sync into your LinkedIn strategies?
  4. What tools and platforms do you use alongside LinkedIn Ads, and why?
  5. What are your lead generation strategies specific to LinkedIn, and how do you measure success?
  6. Can you explain your onboarding strategy in detail?
  7. How do you incorporate LinkedIn into an overall channel strategy, including Google Ads & programmatic advertising?
  8. What ad formats have you found most effective on LinkedIn, and how do you decide which to use?
  9. Can you share case studies demonstrating your ability to high quality traffic?
  10. How do you ensure collaboration, transparency, and continuous innovation with your clients?
  11. How do you measure ROI, and what analytics and reporting tools do you utilize?
  12. What support do you provide for ad optimization and A/B testing on LinkedIn?
  13. How do you stay ahead of changes to LinkedIn’s algorithm, ad formats, or other platform updates?
  14. Can you explain your pricing model?
  15. How do you handle creative aspects of LinkedIn advertising, including visuals, copy, and audience targeting?
  16. What kind of LinkedIn support and relationship do you maintain with the platform, and how does it benefit your clients?

Other FAQs:

What tools does Advant Technology use in conjunction with LinkedIn Ads?

  • A: Alongside LinkedIn Ads, Advant Technology leverages tools such as Google DV360, Taboola, mobile app DSPs, Google Ads, Meta ads, Quora Ads, Reddit Ads, and Bombora. This array of tools reflects the agency’s commitment to a diversified and adaptable digital marketing strategy.

How does Advant Technology approach LinkedIn marketing differently from other agencies?

  • A: Advant Technology takes a programmatic approach, using advanced data analytics for real-time optimization and performance tracking. With a proven track record in integrating tools like Bombora, and a methodical 8-step process including goals, strategies, content, reporting, optimization, and continuous learning, our agency provides a unique, results-driven approach to LinkedIn marketing.

What does a LinkedIn Marketing Agency do?

What does a LinkedIn Marketing Agency do?A LinkedIn Paid Media agency should specialize in leveraging LinkedIn’s advertising platform to amplify your brand’s visibility, engagement, and lead-generation efforts within the professional audience of the platform.

They should devise and execute paid advertising campaigns tailored to the unique B2B environment of LinkedIn. This involves selecting appropriate ad formats— be it Sponsored Content, Video Ads, InMail, or document Ads—based on the brand’s objectives. Leveraging advanced targeting features, they should pinpoint specific demographics, industries, job titles, and even company names to reach the most relevant audience. They should leverage programmatic buying techniques, ensuring efficient budget utilization and maximum ROI. Continuous monitoring, A/B testing, and real-time optimization are part of their strategies, adapting to audience responses and platform changes. Furthermore, with analytical tools, they provide clients with in-depth performance reports, ensuring transparency and data-driven decision-making.


Strategies for Mastering Media Buying in B2B Marketing

Strategies for Mastering Media Buying in B2B Marketing


Introduction: The Evolving Landscape of B2B Media Buying

In B2B commerce, we’re experiencing seismic shifts that redefine the norms of how buyers engage and make decisions. The paradigm is moving from traditional sales teams of individual sellers to a more comprehensive model of organizational digital sales. As buyers grow more digitally enabled and their decision-making becomes increasingly complex, the quintessential sales model is showing cracks. Advant Technology recognizes that the real challenge for B2B sales organizations isn’t merely to boost individual seller performance and instil confidence in customers, ensuring they believe they’re making the best business decisions.

The Evolving of B2B Media Buying

For Advant Technology, this means not just being ahead in programmatic advertising but understanding that our client’s audience now demands richer, more informative digital experiences. Like B2C consumers enjoy seamless online retail experiences, B2B buyers now expect a similar, intuitive digital interface, even if the products and services are more complex.

Cross-Channel Integration: Maximizing Reach and Impact

Cross-Channel IntegrationEmbracing a digital-first mindset doesn’t negate the importance of conventional channels; it’s about weaving them into a consolidated strategy where digital media channels are central. As the digital landscape flourishes, platforms like Google DV360, LinkedIn Ads, Meta Ads, Quora Ads, Reddit Ads, and Taboola, among others, are becoming critical. Buyers can be found across many platforms; there is no silver bullet to finding these customers. These platforms empower brands to maintain a consistent presence across multiple digital touchpoints, which is essential, especially for complex high-value ticket items prevalent in the manufacturing, finance and IT industries.

Building Effective Buyer Personas for Precise Ad Targeting

Building Effective Buyer Personas for Precise Ad Targeting

We combine advanced data analytics with our extensive experience in B2B media buying. Crafting insightful buyer personas is paramount. Here’s why and how:

  1. Tailored Messaging: Detailed personas reveal motivations and challenges, allowing for precise, impactful messaging.
  2. Optimized Ad Spend: Knowing your audience ensures efficient allocation of advertising resources.

Crafting Impactful Buyer Personas:

  1. Engage and Listen: Gain insights from direct interactions with existing clients.
  2. Stay Updated: Continually refine personas to reflect evolving market needs.
  3. Diverse Data Sources: Utilize sales data, customer feedback, and market research for a comprehensive view.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and B2B Media Buying in 2023

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) in 2023 is about zeroing in on high-value accounts with unmatched precision and integrating tools for maximum impact.

  1. Precision Targeting with LinkedIn: LinkedIn Ads have become a powerful ABM tool, allowing businesses to directly pinpoint and engage specific company stakeholders.
  2. Insight-Driven Engagement with Bombora: Leveraging Bombora’s intent data ensures that your messages reach accounts showing a genuine interest in your offerings.
  3. Cross-Platform Synergy: Overlaying Bombora’s insights onto platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and programmatic platforms ensures a harmonized approach, providing consistent and relevant messaging wherever your targets are active.

Advant Technology’s Edge: We understand the intricacies of ABM. By integrating platforms like LinkedIn and Bombora with broader digital tools such as Facebook, programmatic display and Twitter, we can craft bespoke strategies that resonate with your target account list (TAL).

Measuring Success: KPIs and Metrics for B2B Media Buying

In 2023, the metrics chosen to evaluate campaigns will be more critical than ever. Here’s what stands out for our clients:

  1. Return on Investment (ROI): A direct measure of the financial impact of your advertising efforts.
  2. Cost per Lead (CPL): Understanding the investment needed for each quality lead.
  3. Brand Awareness: A gauge of your brand’s recognition and visibility among potential clients.

Video Advertising: A Powerful Tool in B2B Media Buying

Video Advertising: A Powerful Tool in B2B Media BuyingVideo has rapidly emerged as a preferred medium in B2B marketing. Here are five compelling reasons why video is indispensable in a B2B setting:

  1. Complexity Simplified: B2B products or solutions can often be intricate. Videos provide a platform to break down and explain these complex topics in a visually engaging and easily digestible manner. This makes understanding product functionality or service value propositions quicker and more intuitive.
  2. Emotional Connection: Unlike written content, videos have the power to evoke emotion. They can humanize your brand, showcase real people, and tell compelling stories. This fosters trust, crucial in B2B relationships where transactions often involve significant investments.
  3. Enhanced Engagement: Video content tends to retain viewers’ attention longer than textual content. With captivating visuals and narratives, potential clients are more likely to watch a video in its entirety, leading to better message retention.
  4. SEO Benefits: Search engines prioritize content that engages users. Videos, known for their high engagement rates, can improve a website’s SEO, driving more organic traffic and increasing the potential for lead generation.
  5. Versatile Application: Videos can be leveraged across multiple stages of the B2B buying journey. The applications are vast and varied, from explainer videos that introduce products to testimonial videos that build trust to in-depth webinars that nurture leads.

Native Advertising: Seamlessly Blending with B2B Content

Native Advertising: Seamlessly Blending with B2B ContentNative advertising has become a cornerstone for B2B marketers, offering ads that integrate smoothly with the user’s content experience.

  1. Non-Intrusive Approach: Unlike traditional ads, native advertisements are designed to match the platform they’re on, leading to a less disruptive user experience.
  2. Higher Engagement: Because native ads don’t “feel” like ads, they tend to have higher engagement rates, making them particularly effective for B2B audiences.
  3. Platform Diversity: Platforms like Taboola and Quora Ads offer robust native advertising options, ensuring your B2B content reaches the right eyes in a familiar and engaging format.

The B2B Buying Process has Changed, Has Your Sales Strategy?

As digital channels redefine the way buyers acquire information, sales teams are finding it increasingly challenging to influence their decisions. According to Gartner’s research, when B2B buyers are in the contemplation phase, they spend a mere 17% of their time conversing with potential suppliers. And if they’re comparing various suppliers? The time drops to 5% or 6% with any single sales representative.

This shift can be attributed to the wealth of quality information available online, empowering buyers to research independently. The graphically presented data from Gartner showcases that 77% of B2B buyers find their recent purchasing experiences to be complex or challenging. This complexity arises from the typical B2B solution purchasing scenario where there’s not just one decision-maker but a group of six to ten, each equipped with different pieces of independently gathered information.

Gartner identifies six pivotal “jobs” that B2B customers need to address during their buying journey:

  1. Problem Identification: Recognizing a need or challenge.
  2. Solution Exploration: Researching potential solutions.
  3. Requirements Building: Specifying what the solution should achieve.
  4. Supplier Selection: Choosing the supplier that aligns with their requirements.
  5. Validation: Ensuring the chosen solution is indeed the right fit.
  6. Consensus Creation: Getting buy-in from all decision-makers.

However, these “jobs” are anything but linear. Buyers loop through these stages, often revisiting each step multiple times before making a final decision.

This non-linear and intricate journey underscores the importance of information. Information that’s easily digestible and accessible can significantly simplify the buying process. Gartner’s research further substantiates this, revealing that customers who felt suppliers provided useful information were 2.8 times more likely to find the buying process easy and were three times more likely to make larger purchases with minimal regrets.


In the dynamic world of B2B marketing, mastering media buying is no longer just about securing the best ad spots; it’s about understanding the evolving nuances of buyer behaviours, leveraging the most impactful media channels, and delivering a seamless and meaningful experience to potential clients. As the digital landscape continuously evolves, so does the complexity of B2B purchasing decisions.

Strategies that prioritize rich virtual experiences, data-driven insights, and authentic storytelling through mediums like video not only position brands at the forefront but also foster trust and deeper connections. Recognizing that the B2B buying journey is more intricate and less linear than ever before, businesses need to meet their audience where they are, delivering relevant content that aids their decision-making process.

As we navigate the future of B2B media buying, we must remain agile, informed, and customer-centric. The brands that succeed will be those that not only adapt to the shifting sands of digital marketing but also anticipate and shape the future needs of their audience.

B2B Blog

Diving into B2B Advertising: An Overview

Diving into B2B Advertising: An Overview

Interactive Content: Breathing Life into B2B Advertising

Hey there! In a world where there’s so much content flying around, you can’t just throw some well-written stuff out there and hope it sticks. Nah, you gotta step up the game and get interactive – turn that one-way street into a two-way chat. That’s where interactive content swoops in like a superhero, grabbing the attention of those big-shot decision-makers and getting them involved instead of them just sitting back and watching.

Think about quizzes, polls, and those cool interactive infographics. They’re not only gonna make your content pop but also spill the beans on what your audience really digs. It’s not just about skimming the surface – these tools set up a sweet talk between you and your audience. Your message? It’s gonna hit home way harder.

Totally, right?

Breathing Life into B2B Advertising

More information on our website:

Dynamic Banners: The Future of Responsive B2B Advertising

Whoa, hold up! In our crazy digital world that’s changing every second, dynamic banners are like the rockstars of B2B advertising. These aren’t your grandpa’s static banners – no way. These banners are smart cookies that change their looks on the fly, depending on what’s happening right now. Imagine showing off a product that someone was just checking out, talking to folks in their language, and updating prices as we speak. These banners aren’t just pretty pictures; they’re like your online buddies, making sure they show you the stuff you’re actually interested in.

At Advant Technology, we’re totally vibing with dynamic banners. We think they’re where the cool ideas and tech smarts meet, making B2B advertising not just smoother but also way more exciting for all those people tuning in.

Hooking Audiences with Interactive Content: B2B Advertising’s Cool New Trend

Picture this: B2B audiences today are looking for more than just plain info – they want experiences. It’s not enough for them to read or watch; they want to get their hands moving, their screens swiping, and their voices heard. And the marketing world is totally on board, bringing in interactive webinars and even cool augmented reality demos for products.

But what’s really turning heads is the digital out-of-home campaigns. Companies like Advant Technology are leading the pack here. They’re making ads that you don’t just look at; you can actually play with them. The idea is pretty smart: every interaction becomes a chance to start a conversation. Imagine ads that change based on what you like, or ones that take you to a virtual meeting room. This interactive content thing is quickly becoming the gold standard in B2B advertising, and it’s changing the game.

B2B Advertising's Cool New Trend

Unleashing the Power of AI and Machine Learning in B2B Advertising

Here comes the cool stuff: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. They’re like the superheroes shaking up B2B advertising. These tech wonders are like data wizards, helping advertisers understand, predict, and react to what users are doing right now.

And guess what? AI isn’t just about crunching numbers. It’s like a personalization guru. Imagine a potential client checking out your website. Instead of seeing a generic homepage, they get content customized just for them. It’s like the site knows their past actions, likes, and even their mood – thanks to mood analysis. This high-level personal touch, thanks to AI, turns passive visitors into excited potential customers.

Changing the Game with AI in B2B Advertising

AI’s impact is huge as it takes over the advertising world. Remember those programmatic campaigns you heard about? They’re the real deal now. They make sure ads hit the right people at the perfect time on the best platforms. Plus, in the world of B2B, data is everywhere, and it can get kinda overwhelming. But that’s where Machine Learning steps in. It spots patterns, gives you smart ideas, and keeps making your campaigns better.

Changing the Game with AI in B2B AdvertisingAdvant Technology is right in the middle of this AI revolution. They’re using AI’s superpowers to totally shake up how B2B advertising works.

To wrap it up, the B2B advertising scene is changing super fast. Stuff like interactive content and AI aren’t just making things cooler; they’re changing the whole game. As we go through this new adventure, one thing is crystal clear: tech and creativity are the compasses guiding B2B advertisers to victory. We’re stoked about what’s coming next and dedicated to pushing the limits of what we can do.

In conclusion, the B2B advertising landscape is evolving at a breakneck pace. Interactive content and AI are not just enhancing the user experience but redefining it. As we navigate this brave new world, one thing remains clear: innovation, driven by technology and creativity, will be the lighthouse guiding B2B advertisers to success. We’re excited about the journey ahead and are committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.


Programmatic Native Advertising: Key Concepts & B2B Benefits

Programmatic Native Advertising: Key Concepts & B2B Benefits

Introduction: A New Age of B2B Media Buying In the B2B domain, a seismic shift is redefining buyer engagement. The blend of traditional and digital approaches is vital; few understand this better than Advant Technology. 

So, what is programmatic native advertising, and why should B2B marketers care?

Understanding the Basics of B2B Programmatic Native Advertising

At its core, programmatic native advertising is the automated buying and selling of online advertisements, where ads fit seamlessly into the user experience. It’s not about the ad’s content but the ad format, look and feel. Native ensures it feels like a natural content extension of the platform. Traditionally this involves an image, a short headline and a short description. The B2B element refers to businesses targeting other businesses as opposed to consumers directly.

B2B Programmatic Native Advertising

More information on our website:

Why Native Programmatic Advertising Matters in B2B Marketing

In the world of B2B, the buying process is intricate. Decision-makers often cycle through stages of problem identification, solution exploration, and supplier validation. Native programmatic advertising aids this journey, providing tailored content at the right touchpoints (if done well), using platforms like Google DV360 or other DSPs.

The Benefits of Native Programmatic Advertising in the B2B Sphere

  • Non-Intrusive & Engaging: Unlike traditional ad formats, native ads blend in, offering a less disruptive experience. This means higher engagement and better Click-Through Rates (CTR).
  • Cost-Efficient: With programmatic buying, you’re often securing better Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Thousand (CPM) rates, ensuring better budget utilization vs direct IO media buys. 
  • Enhanced Targeting: Data-driven insights from platforms like Bombora allow for precise targeting, ensuring your content reaches decision-makers at the right time.
  • Remarketing & Retargeting: Stay top of mind by serving ads to users who’ve already shown interest, increasing chances of conversion.

Strategies for Successful B2B Programmatic Native Advertising

  • Craft Detailed Buyer Personas: Understand motivations and challenges to refine ad messaging.
  • Incorporate A/B Testing: Continuously optimize your ads to ensure better performance and higher Conversion Rates.
  • Lean on Marketing Automation: Streamline your campaigns, from lead nurturing to conversion.

Integrating Account-Based Marketing (ABM) with Data Partners like Bombora for Precision in B2B Advertising

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) has emerged as a strategic approach that focuses on targeted accounts instead of casting a wide net. At its core, ABM personalizes marketing strategies to engage specific accounts or account segments. Within the context of programmatic advertising, this is done via data partners like Bombora, who add an extra layer of sophistication to this process. Let’s delve deeper into how this integration enhances media efficiency. 

With Bombora’s intent data insights, marketers get a precise understanding of which businesses are actively searching for their offerings when applied to paid ads, this results in ultra-targeted ads, minimizing unnecessary media spending. By zeroing in on stakeholders with genuine interest and intent, conversion rates inevitably increase. 

Bombora provides an array of targeting options, such as:

  • Company Surge Data: Identity which businesses show increased interest in your products or services based on their online behaviours.
  • Industry Segmentation: Target companies based on industry types, ensuring relevancy in messaging.
  • Company Size and Revenue Data: Focus on businesses that align with your ideal customer profile regarding size and revenue.

Marketers can overlay Bombora’s insights onto platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and programmatic platforms. This ensures a harmonized approach, allowing for consistent and relevant messaging across various channels.

To Conclude

In the evolving digital landscape of B2B marketing, programmatic native advertising stands out as a game-changer, offering a blend of automation and precision targeting.

Its time you get started!

B2B Advertising

let’s dive into the new wave of B2B media buying! 

The 411 on B2B Media Buying: The B2B world is experiencing some major changes when it comes to how businesses connect with each other. Mix the old with the new and you get the magic formula. Advant Technology is right at the forefront of this evolution.

Ever heard of programmatic native advertising? If you’re a B2B marketer, this is something you’ll want to tune into.

B2B Programmatic Native Advertising: The Basics So, in simple terms, programmatic native advertising is all about that automated game of buying and selling online ads that don’t scream “I’m an ad!” but rather blend in smoothly with the platform’s content vibe. It’s more about how the ad vibes visually, not just what it says. And when we talk B2B, we’re talking businesses looking to vibe with other businesses, not just everyday peeps.

Why It’s The Next Big Thing in B2B Marketing Here’s the tea : B2B buying is no walk in the park. From realizing there’s a problem to finding the solution and then choosing the best supplier, it’s a journey. Native programmatic ads can be your map, guiding you with the right content, at the right spots. Platforms like Google DV360 or other DSPs are the tools to make it happen.

The Perks of Going Native in B2B

Smooth & Captivating: Native ads are like those chameleons, blending right in. That means peeps are more likely to engage and click.

Smart Spending: With programmatic, you’re not just throwing cash around. You get better deals for clicks and views, meaning your dollars go further.

On-Point Targeting: Platforms like Bombora drop the knowledge, ensuring your ads are meeting the right eyes at the right moments.

Remarketing & Retargeting: Keep the convo going with peeps who have already shown some love, boosting your conversion chances.

Winning Strategies for B2B Native Ads

Know Your Crowd: Dive deep into who you’re targeting, understanding their vibes and needs to tailor your ads.

A/B Testing is Key: Keep tweaking and testing to make sure your ads are always on fire.

Embrace Marketing Automation: Make your campaign journey smoother, from the first hello to sealing the deal.

Leveling Up with Account-Based Marketing & Bombora Here’s a quick download: Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is like being that DJ who knows exactly what track to play for a specific crowd. It’s all about tailoring your marketing game for specific accounts or groups. And when you pair that with data giants like Bombora, things get real precise. Dive into how Bombora’s data can supercharge your ads:

They give you the inside scoop on which businesses are actively looking for what you’re offering. Imagine super-focused ads that don’t waste money and get the job done.

Programmatic Native Advertising: Key Concepts & B2B Benefits

With their targeting options, you can dial in on businesses showing real interest, those in specific industries, or ones that match your dream client profile in terms of size and cash flow.

And the best part? You can mix Bombora’s insights with platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It’s like creating a killer playlist that’s consistently lit across all platforms.

Wrap It Up To keep it 100, in this ever-changing digital B2B scene, programmatic native advertising is the MVP. It brings together smart automation and laser-focused targeting.

Alright, enough said. Time to dive in and ride this wave! 

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Inspiring B2B Advertising Ideas: Rethinking Your Strategy

Inspiring B2B Advertising Ideas: Rethinking Your Strategy

The digital realm is always on the move, and as it evolves, so does the world of B2B advertising. As brands navigate this dynamic landscape, adapting becomes the name of the game. Over at Advant Technology, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve, crafting fresh, innovative strategies for our clients. With a track record of running campaigns worth more than $20 million in spend, we’ve gathered a treasure trove of insights. Ready to explore some game-changing B2B advertising tactics? Let’s jump in.

How B2B buyers are changing in the face of the digital ecosystem

B2B buyers these days aren’t just waiting around. They’re taking the reins, using tools like Google Search, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Quora to actively research and find the best solutions that resonate with their needs. With a world of options just a click away, their journey has become both intricate and empowered.


Screenshot of a LinkedIn Ad from a B2B Brand

With the ongoing changes, brands like yours really should consider a programmatic way of buying media. It’s a more cost-effective approach, and let’s face it, in the B2B scene, everyone wants more leads and sales.

Creating Your B2B Brand’s Story

So, in this world of constant digital content, why should anyone notice your brand? Your unique brand story makes all the difference. Here at Advant Technology, we’re all about making stories that stick. We keep things clear, flexible, and honest so that your brand’s story isn’t just catchy but genuine.


Image: A captivating brand storytelling visual by Pinterest.

You know, today’s B2B customers want more than just services. They want experiences, connections, and relatable stories. Having an engaging story isn’t a “nice-to-have”; it’s an absolute must.

B2B Podcasts – Get tuned in

The power of podcasts cannot be understated. Their unique blend of storytelling and expertise makes them an ideal medium for B2B brands. Imagine sharing your brand’s innovations, values, and expertise through a series of engaging podcasts. Insert Image: Screenshot from a popular podcast platform showcasing a trending B2B podcast.

Looking to gain a more thorough understanding of a particular topic? Podcasts are the perfect solution, providing listeners with in-depth insights rather than just scratching the surface. And thanks to advancements like Programmatic Audio, advertising on podcasts has never been easier.

Search off the Record

Image: Check out Google Search off the Record, accessible on major platforms like Spotify, Acast etc

Programmatic Digital out of Home B2B for Trade Events

Trade events have always been a cornerstone of B2B marketing. However, with advancements in programmatic advertising, brands can now amplify their presence at these events with programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising. Picture this: Your brand message displayed dynamically across multiple screens at an event, changing in real-time based on data analytics and audience behaviour. You don’t even have to exhibit.

LinkedIn advertised in the airport

LinkedIn advertised in the airport

LinkedIn advertised in the airport

Image: A dynamic digital billboard at a B2B trade event called Cannes Lions, where LinkedIn advertised in the airport greeting attendees and promoted their trade stand. 

Leveraging Data for Personalized B2B Advertising

In the ever-evolving world of B2B marketing, data has become the cornerstone of crafting compelling campaigns. With the influx of MQL leads that businesses strive to generate, understanding and segmenting this data is essential. Personalized advertising, driven by rich insights, is the key to engaging your audience effectively.

Chart showing the massive growth in B2B programmatic advertising spending

Insert Image: Chart showing the massive growth in B2B programmatic advertising spending for the first seven months of 2021, as sourced from

The steep rise in spending highlights how businesses recognise the power of data-driven campaigns in digital advertising. 

User journeys – The key to success

As a B2B buyer, you embark on a unique journey from the moment you realize a need to the point of conversion. This journey is filled with multiple touchpoints that are crucial to your decision-making process. However, in many cases, you might not even be aware of your own needs because you don’t know how a solution can solve your problems. This is why awareness campaigns are so important. Understanding user journeys can significantly impact a brand’s conversion rate. Successful B2B brands craft a marketing strategy that caters to these diverse paths. To succeed, a B2B or marketing agency must map out these journeys and deliver tailored content at each stage. If your agency isn’t doing this, consider doing a user journey analysis with an agency that can help you, like us 🙂

Example of a user journey we performed for a B2B client

Image: Example of a user journey we performed for a B2B client

Video Advertising in the B2B Space

It’s no secret that video advertising has seen a meteoric rise in recent years. It offers a medium that can convey complex B2B offerings in an engaging, digestible format. Insert Image: Forecast of global ad spending in the ‘Video Advertising’ segment, showcasing a consistent increase as sourced from This growth is not just a trend; it signifies the shift in consumption patterns, especially in the B2B sector. With platforms like Meta Ads – Facebook & Instagram, and LinkedIn, video content can be precisely targeted, ensuring that your message resonates with the right audience.

LinkedIn Video Ad

Data-driven Strategies: Creating Customized Experiences in B2B Advertising

As touched upon, data is integral to creating customized experiences. Digital advertising, especially in the B2B arena, demands a blend of creativity and analytics. By leveraging platforms such as Google DV360, Taboola, and more, businesses can deliver ads that are not just eye-catching but also deeply relevant. The surge in ad spending, as evidenced by data from, further underscores the trust businesses are placing on data-driven strategies. Their report shows a steady climb with US B2Bs expected to spend over $30 billion on advertising by 2023. This showcases the renewed confidence in B2B marketing post a brief slump in 2020.

By leveraging real-time data, we at Advant Technology can anticipate shifts in interests and preferences, ensuring that our campaigns resonate deeply with our target audience.

Precision in Platform Selection: Each advertising platform serves a unique purpose, and understanding this nuance is crucial. For instance, while Google DV360 offers vast reach, platforms like LinkedIn Ads can cater to specific niches. It’s about ensuring that every ad spend is maximized for impact!

Optimizing with Real-time Insights

The beauty of digital advertising lies in its agility. With regular checks and a keen eye on performance metrics, brands can pivot their strategies for maximum impact.

Analytics – GA4

In an era of sophisticated advertising, understanding the intricacies of your campaigns is paramount. Enter GA4, the latest analytics model from Google. With its more user-centric approach and machine learning capabilities, it provides businesses with enhanced insights into their audiences’ behaviors. For B2B businesses, this means getting a clearer picture of how potential business partners interact with their content, thereby refining their messaging and delivery for optimum engagement.

Final Words

B2B advertising isn’t just about reaching businesses; it’s about connecting with the individuals behind them. In a world inundated with content, standing out requires a blend of data-driven strategies, platform-specific expertise, and a deep understanding of the ever-evolving B2B buyer. As you rethink your advertising strategies, remember that innovation, authenticity, and agility will help keep you ahead of the curve.

Advant Technology prides itself on its commitment to innovation and results-driven approach. Our dedication to understanding and adapting to shifts ensures our clients remain at the forefront. Whether through programmatic systems, rigorous testing, or collaborative efforts, our goal remains unchanged: delivering digital media campaigns that meet and exceed expectations. The right agency partner, equipped with the tools and expertise, can make all the difference. 

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