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Conversion Rate Optimisation for B2B Landing Pages

Improving conversion rates for B2B landing pages can be challenging, but with the right strategy and approach, it is possible to achieve significant results.

As a programmatic agency that has spent millions of dollars on paid media, we have deep knowledge of what works. Whilst we are not a CRO agency, we do help advise our clients on what works. By producing landing pages that are highly optimized, you will have a better chance of converting users. B2B audiences are especially time-poor. They want information quickly and have high standards in finding quality information that will help them in their journey to buying products and services.

Here are some tips to help you improve conversion rates for B2B landing pages.

Target Audience

Before diving deep into the details of on-page CRO, ensure you understand your audience. In-depth audience research will help you identify what your b2b audience is looking for. You should conduct stakeholder interviews, this will help you position your product/service area to drive more leads and conversions from your site.

Put yourself in potential customers’ shoes- it’s key to realizing conversion rate goals! Craft content for the user first. Think about your USPs and make sure they shine through.

Use Clear, Compelling Headlines

You only have a few seconds to capture your user’s attention – make them count! Crafting an eye-catching yet informative headline is key in drawing users to your landing page. Be sure it clearly conveys the benefit of what you’re offering and leaves viewers wanting more.

Persuasive copy

Persuasive copy will guide the user in the right direction. It sounds simple but make sure spelling is spot on and there are no grammatical errors. For some people, this is unforgivable and looks unprofessional.

Conversion Rate Optimisation for B2B Landing Pages
Conversion Rate Optimisation for B2B Landing Pages

Ensure Lead Gen Forms are Simple

There is a balancing act between asking for too much information and putting off users with too many fields. Keep it easy and straightforward. Clear labels, relevant sample text, and an easily located submit button will help visitors quickly make their way through, increasing your conversion rates.

Social Proof

Just like in B2C marketing, B2B buyers want to see social proof. Positive endorsements from customers, so make sure you’re showcasing those glowing customer testimonies for maximum impact. The difference between B2B and B2C is that you’ll want more detailed case studies proving you have already succeeded with others. This is your opportunity to incorporate all your USPs through a real-world situation.

Leverage Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are an excellent way for you to get something back by giving something away. Making your lead magnet more specific to the audience you’re targeting can be one of the best ways to increase conversion rates. By taking a precise and tailored approach, it’s possible for businesses to dramatically improve their results when reaching out for leads. Example lead magnets can be tools, calculators, whitepapers, videos and even ebooks.

The basics

In addition to the above, you’ll also want to ensure the look and feel of your site is clean and uncluttered. Make sure your site speed is fast; no one likes to wait for pages to load for a lifetime.
Sounds simple, but once a customer has filled out a form, ensure your sales team is following those leads appropriately. Just because someone fills out a form does not mean they are ready to buy, you need to nurture the lead, moving them through a sales funnel from MQL (marketing qualified lead) to SQL (sales qualified lead).


Use Google Analytics and other analytics tools like Omniture, which will help you identify where users are entering the site, where they leave and what they do.
Hotjar is also an excellent tool which provides heat maps, so you can see where users are clicking, use this data to inform the design, look and feel of your landing pages to drive more efficient leads.

Start With High Traffic Pages

Focus on the pages with the most traffic first and work your way down; getting high-traffic pages optimized for conversions will ensure your work is more effective.


Conversion rates will vary depending on your industry, how complex the solution you are selling and how long the sales cycle is. Generally, you want to aim for around 1-3% for the B2B industry. Set targets and monitor this over time, taking note of the changes you have made and how they affect conversion rates over time.

Optimize for Mobile

With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, optimizing your landing pages for mobile is essential. This includes using a responsive design, ensuring that the text is easy to read, and using images and videos that are optimized for mobile.

A/B Testing

Use A/B testing to optimize your landing pages: A/B testing is a powerful tool for conversion rate optimization. You can determine which changes are most effective for improving conversions by testing different versions of your landing page.

Optimize for the Funnel

Use landing pages tailored to specific sales funnel stages: By creating landing pages tailored to particular stages of the sales funnel, you can increase the likelihood of conversions. For example, a landing page tailored to the sales funnel‘s awareness stage should provide a general overview of your product or service. In contrast, a landing page tailored to the decision stage of the sales funnel should give detailed information about your product or service.

Use Images & Video

Images and videos can be powerful tools for conversion rate optimization. They can be used to showcase your product or service, providing a visual representation of what you’re offering. They also help break up the page allowing users to absorb more information and improve time spent, all helping to drive a lower cost per lead/sale.

Improving conversion rates for B2B landing pages
Improving conversion rates for B2B landing pages


In conclusion, improving conversion rates for B2B landing pages requires a strategic approach, but it will undoubtedly make your paid media efforts across Linkedin, Google Ads and Programmatic advertising more effective. Simple math, doubling your conversion rate will make your paid media twice as efficient.

If you want an honest opinion on your landing pages speak to our programmatic experts, we’d love to help your business drive more sales!

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