Digital Audio Advertising

With people spending more and more time listening to podcasts or radio or streaming music, the popularity of audio advertising has skyrocketed.

Programmatic audio advertising allows your ads to get in front of millions of relevant people on platforms such as Spotify or Apple Music, making it ideal for businesses wanting to increase brand awareness.

What is digital audio advertising? 

Programmatic audio advertising is the automated selling of audio advertising space on streaming services such as Spotify. The ads can be distributed across a variety of devices such as desktop, mobile, or smart speakers, and clever targeting solutions are available to ensure you get your message across to the right audience. 

What makes digital audio advertising particularly powerful is that it enables brands with the ability to engage with a highly focused audience; people often listen to digital audio without any other media competing for their attention. 

What’s more, since most people consume audio content with their headphones on, it makes for a uniquely personal, emotive and intimate ad experience.

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What are the benefits of digital audio advertising?
  • Gets your brand in front of focused listeners
  • Easy to track
  • Brand safe
  • Emotive and personal
  • Offers an intimate ad experience
  • Ad-block friendly and combats ad fatigue 
  • Possibilities for hyper-local targeting
  • Increases customer engagement 
  • Allows you to reach a broad audience


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