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How to calculate viewability for programmatic display & video ads

Optimizing Pinterest Programmatic: A Viewability Guide

As a programmatic agency, we often get asked about viewability and how to calculate it. Afterall, if you pay for digital ads, you want to ensure they are viewed.

Viewability is a metric that measures whether or not a user sees an ad. It is typically measured as a percentage and is calculated by dividing the number of viewable impressions by the total number of impressions.

To calculate viewability for programmatic display ads, you need to access the data provided by the platform you are using (Demand Side Platform, Ad Exchanges, Supply Side Platform, etc).
The process can vary depending on the specific platform you are using, but generally, you would need to log in to the platform and navigate to the campaign or ad group level.

Once you have accessed the data, you can calculate the viewability using the following formula:

(Viewable Impressions / Total Impressions) x 100 = Viewability Percentage.

Viewable impressions are the number of times an ad was served and met the viewability standards set by industry bodies such as the Media Rating Council (MRC). These standards typically require that at least 50% of the ad’s pixels be in view for a minimum of one second for a display ad and two seconds for a video ad.

It’s important to remember that different platforms and vendors may have other methods for measuring viewable video advertising, so you must check with the specific platform’s documentation or support team if you have any doubts. Additionally, some platforms may have their proprietary viewability measurement tools, and they may provide you with a viewability score rather than a percentage.

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