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Platforms to Learn Advertising - Advertising 101 - Advant Technology
Platforms to Learn Advertising – Advertising 101 – Advant Technology

Platforms for Learning Advertising: Advertising 101

Whether you think you know it all, or you’re just getting started, we’ve complied a comprehensive list of resources with some of the best courses, academies, and news outlets related to paid digital advertising.

WTF Digiday

A handy guide with detailed insights into ‘wtf is’ pretty much anything in the world of programmatic, PPC or social media advertising.

Think With Google

Brilliant insights backed by extensive qualitative and quantitative research. The Think With Google series is great as most of the information is backed by case studies. Just don’t forget Google has an agenda – sell more ads and make more money, naturally they’ll only showcase the best results and insights that shines a favourable light on to the products they push.

Facebook IQ

What our team loves about Facebook IQ is how they combine insights across both data and creative. Naturally creative is more important in Facebook & Instagram advertising because by nature the platform is more visual in comparison to Google Ads.


Udemy has thousands of hours of excellent footage led by thought leaders in programmatic advertising. Yes, you will have to pay for the courses but as most of them are less than $20 each it’s not a big ask.

Teads is a global video advertising technology company that reaches 2billion people globally. Our CEO Ben Myers helped drive some of the early phase growth when the company was called Ebuzzing. Famous for the inread format they pretty much coined the term outstream video advertising. They mostly focus on brand advertising but now offer performance advertising solutions too. They have courses on subjects such as responsible advertising, data solutions audience, contextual targeting, traffic acquisition: driving qualified traffic, as well as a host of courses tailored to learning Teads specific tools. Checkout the free Teads academy, an excellent educational programmatic course for media buying traders.

Google Digital Garage
If courses and an academy is your thing and you’re looking to come out with a certificate at the end of it, then look no further than the Google Digital Garage. What we love is that the majority of the courses are free. Certificates look great on your CV, we actually noticed a big uptick of people completing courses like these during the 2019 pandemic lockdowns. You can browse the courses here. Make sure to use the filters and you will find that there is something for everyone, beginner to advanced. You can learn about YouTube Ads, PPC Google Ads and of course the Google Display Network as well as Google DV360. If you need help with any of these platforms reach out to our sales team now.

The IAB offers a range of courses relating to digital advertising. They are a little more pricey than those mentioned on this page and you may need IAB membership but if you want an accurate, relevant, and detailed course these could be just the thing. Check out this programmatic 360 course for instance, it will give you an overview of programmatic technology, programmatic key players, programmatic ecosystem, programmatic supply and demand side and programmatic investment, priced at $299.00

TTD – The Trade Desk
A demand side platform (DSP) WTF is a demand side platform I hear you ask? Learn more about that here. TTD is a global DSP with advanced enterprise level features and impressive reporting suite. Luckily, the team at TTD have been nice enough to provide a suite of courses and accreditation certificates for practical advice and knowledge relating to programmatic media buying and media trading. Check out:

  • Marketing Foundations which covers basic advertising concepts, audience activation including what is a DMP, PMP deals and campaign success.
  • Data Driven Planning which covers data & identity, measurement and goal setting and driving growth.
  • Trading Essentials which covers data and inventory, forecasting, artificial intelligence, campaigns and ad groups and finally insights and optimisations.

Another course from one the most widely used programmatic DSPs, Mediamath. Mediamath has a particular heritage of working with performance advertisers vs brands. They offer a good selection of courses for beginners to advanced in their academy.
Courses include:

  • Programmatic Advertising essentials – A soft and gentle guide to the basics
  • Programmatic evolution – The ins and outs of how programmatic advertising came to be a $155 billon dollar a year industry.
  • Measurement – A holistic guide to reporting, insights and attribution
  • Supply side – everything you need to know about how an online publisher sells their inventory via an SSP.
  • Programmatic and emerging channels such as connected TV and programmatic audio.

Amazon is quickly becoming a leading advertising player up there with the juggernauts of Facebook & Google. If there is anyone who can take them on, it’s Amazon. Amazon saw a 32% revenue increase in Q1 of 2021 alone. Understanding the Amazon advertising platform, how it works, and the different types of ads will stand you in good stead as the platform grows and Jeff Bezos becomes ever wealthier.

Exchangewire is led by a good friend of ours, Ciaran O’Kane. Their YouTube channel is a great resource for learning and if you want to stay-up-to-date on data, programmatic media advertising take a look at Exchange Wire.

The following resources are geared to marketing and advertising in general not just digital, so you’ll get news on offline channels including TV, print, outdoor and some PR.

The Drum
Current up to date news on marketing and advertising. We recommend singing up to their newsletter and then adapting your marketing preferences to receive what’s relevant to you.

Campaign Asia
Geared to the Asian Market

Campaign Live
Geared to the UK market

Geared to the US market

Geared to the Norwegian market (having featured Advant Technology we thought it should make the list)

Learn Advertising with These Great Tools and Websites - Programmatic Advertising - Advant Technology
Learn Advertising with These Great Tools and Websites – Programmatic Advertising – Advant Technology


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