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PPC Advertising Agency Services

Do you feel like your PPC (pay per click) advertising campaigns are not performing as well as they should be?

Have you been considering hiring a PPC agency to help increase your PPC campaign ROI?

PPC agencies are popping up everywhere, offering their clients Google Ads strategies, but here at Advant Technology, we’ve been helping challenger and global brands with their PPC campaign management since 2014.

We offer some of the best PPC ad agency services for search advertising in the industry due to our unique proprietary approach to keyword analysis which is at the centre of our digital paid search strategy.

Digital Marketing Agency

Being a United Kingdom, London based agency, we are a group of thoroughbred experts who have come together to form a team that understands how all programmatic online advertising channels can work together in harmony to create maximum impact. We don’t do SEO, we don’t do web development, but what we do, we do well and that includes paid search and a variety of paid media marketing including social media marketing, and display, native & video advertising, executed via real time bidding.

Award Winning

Our clients range from start-ups to award winning, billion dollar enterprises. Whether you’re looking for brand growth or performance, Google Shopping Ads or conversion rate optimisation, our digital agency experts can help develop a paid advertising strategy that’s right for you.

Paid Search Marketing Challenges
Paid Search Marketing Challenges

Paid Search Marketing

Paid search marketing is one of the best performing digital channels because search marketing has intent behind every search, however, being one of the best channels means it also faces many challenges that include:

  • High competition
  • A rise in ad blockers
  • Industry regulation around privacy concerns
  • Post pandemic customer demands that are always evolving
  • Click fraud

With all these challenges you might be asking is yourself, is paid search right for my brand? Perhaps I should be spending my money in social advertising or other digital marketing channels such as SEO or display advertising.

We get these types of questions all the time.

At Advant Technology, we are not exclusively a PPC company, we believe that paid search is still a viable option for most businesses, but the truth is that normally a combination of different digital marketing platforms will result in the right blend to maximise your ROI and achieve your business goals.

Let’s take a quick look at each:


SEO is a long-term digital strategy that takes time to see results, however, when done correctly, it can be one of the most effective digital marketing channels you can invest in. SEO focuses on improving your website’s organic search engine results rankings in Google and other global search engines. SEO includes, but is not limited to, content marketing, web design and on-page optimisation. SEO is incredibly complex because Google’s algorithm is changing all the time, however, if you are looking for a more stable marketing channel, then SEO could be the one for you.

Social Media Advertising:

A great way to reach new and existing customers is via paid social ads on the various social media platforms. Popular social platforms that return a strong ROI include the obvious choices such as Facebook and Instagram but you may find that you get a better ROI on TikTok, Pinterest or even Reddit, Snapchat or Twitter. It all depends on your product/service and demographic.

Unlike paid search and SEO, social allows you to prospect new audiences who are not actively searching for your product or service, instead you can reach audiences based on their interests.

Search Advertising:

A form of paid online advertising where businesses pay to have their ads displayed in the sponsored sections of search engines such as Google and Bing and because they are PPC ads, you will only ever pay per click! Search advertising is one of the most effective digital marketing channels because it allows businesses to target their ads at people who are already interested in, and are actively searching for, what they have to offer.

Display Advertising:

Display advertising is a form of online advertising, usually with image or video ads, where businesses pay to have their ads displayed on publisher websites. Display advertising is one the most effective digital marketing channels for increasing your brand visibility because it delivers your message where people are already spending their time, online!

Paid Search Marketing Services
Paid Search Marketing Services

What does a PPC Agency Do?

Advant Technology is a data driven agency with our clients’ business strategy at the heart of everything we do. As such, our PPC specialists follow a carefully curated full funnel PPC strategy to ensure all of our campaigns are delivered to their full potential. We have outlined this process below:

PPC Management Agency Process

  • Project Initiation
  • Strategic planning & marketing strategy
  • Client onboarding
  • Channel creation including logins
  • Creative consultation
  • Invoicing & spend tracking
  • Tracking strategy & pixel implementation
  • Campaigns structure setup, all strategies and corresponded assets upload, push live

Top PPC Agency Management

  • Search marketing strategy¬†
  • Detailed keywords research
  • Targeting breakdown
  • Plan campaigns & ad sets to reflect various targeting (geo, location, etc), keywords, etc.
  • Set up many variations for ad groups & ads for A/B testing¬†
  • Budget and bid management
  • Pixel Implementation via Google Tag Manager
  • Linking with Google Ads with Google Analytics
  • Tracking setup & test (web development outsourced)
  • Conversion tracking test
  • UTM structure created and applied for each creative/ad set depending on the structure required
  • Bid management and analysis
  • Bid optimisation
  • Keywords optimisation¬†
  • Ads review/pause/refresh/new to test
  • Ads rotation
  • Budget optimisation between strategies
  • Excluding least performing keywords
  • Excluding least performing ad groups
  • Monitoring & refreshing keywords if required

PPC Reporting

  • Ad spend
  • Goal & KPIs defined¬†
  • Mapping available metrics & dimensions to goals & KPIs
  • Google Data Studio Dashboard design, setup & maintenance/update
  • Additional pages/filters created if needed
  • Ad hoc reports
  • EOC Reporting (pptx, screenshots, future recommendations)

Client Onboarding

Before entering into a PPC management contract, we typically meet several times to get a better understanding of your goals, the industry you are in and where we can improve. That means auditing you existing PPC campaign if you have one. The audit will be carried out by out our PPC team, so we’ll need access to your Google Ads.

Microsoft & Google Ads Management

Bing is not as popular as Google globally, however it still gets strong reach so it can be worth including depending on your budget. Running paid ads on Bing is a great way to reach new audiences. Advant Technology will manage your Google Ads and Microsoft Ads account as one, this means we’ll be able to monitor how much you’re spending across both channels and the results that each channel is delivering. This allows us to be fluid with our budgets and meet aggressive growth targets.

AdWords Remarketing & Retargeting

We use remarketing for those who have visited your website recently, as well as retargeting user who have interacted with your brand in other ways, on other channels. We usually use display advertising to remarket to past website visitors.


Keyword Research & Analysis

We use a proprietary user journey analysis approach to identify all the relevant keywords at all stages of the buyer journey funnel. This ensures that we capture as much of your business’ target market as possible.

Ad Copywriting

We write ad copy that is creative, compelling and speaks to the needs of your customers. Ad copy must be relevant to your target audience, keyword rich and action orientated. As a PPC agency, we ensure these requirements are met every time.

Ad Extensions & Dynamic Ads

We always optimize ad formatting to ensure you get the most out of your PPC ads, this includes testing different formats and layouts, multiple headline/description options, and using the Google/Microsoft ad tools to their full extent.

Competitor Analysis/Benchmarking

Our PPC services include identifying your competitors’ PPC campaigns (and non-PPC if relevant) and analysing what they’re doing well, or not so well. We can then use this information to improve your paid search campaigns going forward.

Recommended & Excluded Keywords

We will recommend which keywords you should be targeting and excluding in your PPC campaign in order to get a higher return on investment. We’ll suggest any additional keyword ideas that we feel will work well for the business based on our research or experience with similar businesses/industries. This is done at the beginning of each campaign and throughout the PPC management process.

Campaign Structure & Management

Our team will create a structured and manageable campaign, this will allow for efficient management and optimisation for the length of your PPC campaign. We’ll create several campaigns and normally many ad groups, each ad group will have many relevant keywords which we’ve identified as being most likely to drive conversions.

PPC Bid Management

We vary bid management depending on your business goals, for example, we may manage bids at a high level, such as by device type and time of day, or we may be more granular about managing by location or keyword quality score (as this can vary significantly).

Ad Testing & Optimisation

We’ll test new adverts on an ongoing basis to ensure you’re getting the best possible results from your paid search campaigns. We’ll regularly monitor results and make any changes that are needed to ensure your search advertising is always performing at its best.

Landing Pages

Whilst we are not web developers we do have the knowledge and skills to advise you on how you should structure your landing pages to improve lead and conversion rate.

E-commerce Platform

No matter what platform your site is built on, we can integrate. We’re experienced with all the different shopping cart platforms and can ensure your ads are pointing to product pages that convert.

A/B Split Testing

Your paid search ads are A/B tested to determine the most effective ads. This is an ongoing process throughout all campaigns and strategies, so you can achieve commercial success as quickly possible.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We look at how different ad groups are performing. It’s not just about getting the clicks but also about getting the conversions. We work to improve your conversion rate so you’re not wasting any of your advertising budget.

Choosing the right PPC Advertising Agency Word Cloud
Choosing the right PPC Advertising Agency Word Cloud


What is Pay Per Click and How Does it Work?

In a nutshell, PPC (or Pay Per Click) is an advertising model where businesses pay for each click their ads receive. This means that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, which helps to control your advertising budget and makes it easier to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

What is a PPC Agency?

A PPC agency is a marketing company that specialises in the area of paid search advertising. This includes platforms such as, Google AdWords and Microsoft Ads, although they may offer other paid media channels and Facebook ads.

Why PPC Marketing Works & What The Benefits Are

Pay per click advertising has many significant advantages over other online marketing channels including: instant results, detailed reporting & analysis of performance, highly targeted results and measurable ROI.

How to choose the right PPC agency
How to choose the right PPC agency

How Do I choose the right PPC agency?

There are a number of factors to consider when picking the right PPC agency to run your paid media. It’s important to choose an expert and experienced team, who understand your business goals. Moving agencies can be stressful but your professional Advant Technology project manager will help streamline the process. It also helps to think about what you want in an agency. Asking questions such as:

What culture are you after?

What pricing model do I want?

What is the role of the PPC team going to be?

Does the agency use data?

How often will they report?

What do their reports look like?

Will they help write effective copy?

Can their team grow as my company grows?

What is Our Paid Search Process in a Nutshell?

Once we have a good understanding of your business, we’ll start by conducting keyword research. This will help us to identify the best keywords to target in your paid media campaigns. We then create a structure and set up your campaigns, including ad groups and ads. We manage bids at different levels depending on the goals of the campaign, as well as continuously testing new ads to find the most effective ones. Finally, we work to improve conversion rates so you’re not wasting any of your advertising budget. And that’s just the beginning – our team will be with you every step of the way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your PPC campaigns.

What does data driven paid search mean?

Data-driven paid search is the process of making decisions about your campaigns based on data analysis. This includes reviewing your advertising campaign data to determine what’s working and what’s not, as well as adjusting your campaigns accordingly. In order to understand that we use data available in our reporting. Data driven attribution is the practice of using data to attribute value to different marketing channels for conversion purposes.

What is attribution modelling?

Attribution modelling uses historical analysis of your advertising spend and web traffic to allocate a percentage credit as conversions occur from one source (e.g Google Adwords) towards another (e.g Facebook Ads). This helps marketers understand the impact each channel has on generating revenue, allowing them to optimise their digital media budget allocation across all channels.

How Much Does Advant Technology Charge for Paid Search?

We have a number of pricing models depending the scope of work. Normally a percentage of spend + project management fees. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you!

If your business could benefit from some of the information you have read above, please feel free to get in touch with us to find out how Advant Technology can help increase your marketing ROI with paid search!

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