Programmatic video advertising

Easily-digestible, attention-grabbing, emotive, informative and flexible, video advertising is a favourite among both advertisers and users. Did you know that people are ten times more likely to engage with video than a block of text? And by opting for video, you can increase your conversion rates by 80%!

What is programmatic Video advertising? 

Programmatic video advertising is the process of purchasing video advertising space through software that uses complex algorithms to display video ads to a relevant target audience.

Here at Advant, we offer a range of video ad solutions including: 

  • In-stream video advertising
  • Outstream video advertising 
  • Opt-in/Rewarded video advertising

Have a read through our case studies and speak to our sales team about your requirements, and we’ll help you find the perfect solution. 


What are the benefits of programmatic video adS?
  • Lifts brand metrics such as awareness, interest and consideration
  • Increases conversion rates
  • Maximises your reach
  • Video is the most powerful way of telling a story
  • Highly efficient targeting vs below the line
  • Robust tracking and attribution 
  • Brand safety
  • Immersive creative possibilities


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