Programmatic video advertising

Easily-digestible, attention-grabbing, emotive, informative and flexible, video advertising is a favourite among both advertisers and users. Did you know that people are ten times more likely to engage with video than a block of text? And by opting for video, you can increase your conversion rates by 80%!

What is programmatic Video advertising? 

Programmatic video advertising is the process of purchasing video advertising space through software that uses complex algorithms to display video ads to a relevant target audience.

Here at Advant, we offer a range of video ad solutions including: 

  • In-stream video advertising
  • Outstream video advertising 
  • Opt-in/Rewarded video advertising

Have a read through our case studies and speak to our sales team about your requirements, and we’ll help you find the perfect solution. 


What are the benefits of programmatic video adS?
  • Lifts brand metrics such as awareness, interest and consideration
  • Increases conversion rates
  • Maximises your reach
  • Video is the most powerful way of telling a story
  • Highly efficient targeting vs below the line
  • Robust tracking and attribution 
  • Brand safety
  • Immersive creative possibilities
In-Stream Video

In-stream video ads are ads that appear either before the video has started, part-way through the video, or after the video has ended.



The most common type of video advertising, pre-rolls are a great option for brands looking to boost brand awareness and conversions.

Pre-rolls are typically between 15-60 seconds long and can be both skippable and non-skippable, it’s vital that the first few seconds of the video are as attention-grabbing and engaging as possible. In that way, even if a user doesn’t watch the full video ad, they’ll leave with a positive impression of your brand.


As the name suggests, mid-roll video ads play in the middle of a video and tend to be shorter than pre-rolls. As the users have already invested time in watching the first part of the intended video, abandonment rates tend to be lower and completion rates higher. They are therefore a great option for brands wanting their full ad to be viewed.


Post-rolls are the least common in-stream video format and play at the end of a video. It may seem odd to play an ad after the video is finished, but with the right approach, post-roll ads can go a long way and are often 

As users have already consumed the content they wanted to watch and are ready to move on, they are more likely to click through to your website. For this reason, post-rolls are particularly favourable when you’re looking to boost conversion rates and have a clear CTA in place.

Opt-in/Rewarded Video

For this type of ad the user must choose (or opt-in) to view a video ad, in exchange for a reward such as in-game currency for a mobile game.

Outstream Video

Outstream video ads are the ads that pop up in the middle of online articles and web pages and as such, are not limited to being placed in another video.


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