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Why use Reddit for B2B Advertising?
Reddit might not be the first platform you think of for promoting your product or service to B2B buyers. However, it offers unique benefits that can enhance your ABM strategy. While LinkedIn is commonly the go-to platform for B2B marketing, Reddit can supplement your overall strategy, offering additional touchpoints to engage B2B buyers worldwide. Reddit enables effective brand building and engagement, helping you cultivate a community around your B2B brand. You can instigate meaningful discussions, establish thought leadership, and share valuable content, industry insights, and success stories.
This is particularly relevant in the technology and SaaS sectors. Although Reddit should be seen as a supplementary channel rather than a standalone solution for B2B advertising, it can widen your reach, engage your target audience, and facilitate valuable business outcomes in both broad and niche markets. By incorporating Reddit into your wider marketing mix, you can maximize your overall B2B marketing effectiveness.
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LinkedIn advertising can be a real asset to your B2B marketing strategy. But if you're not seeing the results that matter to your business, it might be time for a change in strategy.

We are a world-class programmatic marketing agency that can generate more sales and leads for you. Our team is dedicated to helping your business grow.

We follow a comprehensive 8-step process designed to adapt to your specific needs, enabling us to create a strong foundation for growth and success in the B2B landscape.

Why choose Advant as your B2B Reddit Advertising Agency?

At Advant Technology, we generate substantial revenue from helping B2B technology, SaaS, and e-commerce clients drive leads and sales. As your strategic partner, we use data, innovation, and continuous learning to create highly customized marketing strategies. Our primary focus is understanding your unique business challenges and objectives, which we achieve by developing close collaborations with our clients. We use our expertise in account-based marketing and high-value intent data to ensure your messaging doesn’t just reach your target audience but also resonates with them on a deeper level. Our team of seasoned marketing professionals follows a comprehensive 8-step process that adapts to your specific needs and lays a solid foundation for growth in the B2B landscape:

  • 1
    Goals & Objectives

  • 2
    Target Audience Insights, Research & Education

  • 3

  • 4
    Channel Strategy

  • 5
    Content Strategy

  • 6

  • 7
    Program Optimisation

  • 8
    New Opportunities & Education

Our approach centres around a deep understanding of your business, devising strategic B2B marketing initiatives that deliver measurable results. Our commitment to data, innovation, and continuous learning is the backbone of our marketing solutions, designed to propel your business forward in the B2B landscape, no matter the niche.

Reddit Ads and the B2B Buyer Journey

The B2B buyer journey tends to be longer and more complex than the B2C journey, often involving multiple decision-makers and a comprehensive evaluation process. This is where Reddit advertising, when used strategically, can effectively guide potential clients along this journey, nurturing leads at every stage. Here’s how Advant Technology leverages the power of Reddit ads to enhance the B2B buyer journey:

  • 1
    Awareness Stage: At the start of the buyer's journey, potential customers may need to learn about your company, products, or services. We use Reddit advertising to boost brand awareness, targeting prospective clients with engaging content that introduces your business and highlights your value proposition.

  • 2
    Consideration Stage: Once prospects know your brand, the next aim is to convince them that your solution is worth considering. We do this by promoting more detailed content like webinars, white papers, case studies, or product demos through Reddit ads. These materials showcase your expertise, boost credibility, and provide valuable insights to the prospects.

  • 3
    Decision Stage: At this stage, potential clients are ready to make a decision. We use Reddit ads to drive conversions by promoting high-intent content like free trial offers, product discounts, or consultations. We can also retarget users who have shown interest in your products or services in the past, reminding them of your value proposition and encouraging them to take action.

  • 4
    Retention Stage: The buyer's journey doesn't stop with a sale. For long-term success, keeping your customers engaged and building lasting relationships is crucial. We use Reddit ads to foster customer loyalty and upsell or cross-sell your services. This can be achieved by sharing customer testimonials, new product updates, or exclusive offers for existing clients.

B2B Reddit Ad formats

Reddit offers various ad formats that can make your B2B advertising campaigns more effective. Understanding the right format to use for different goals can significantly increase engagement, lead generation, and conversions.

  • 1
    Promoted Post Text Ads: This ad format allows you to share valuable content, insights, and thought leadership directly within your target audience's feed. It's ideal for promoting webinars, white papers, or other educational content that caters to the information-seeking nature of B2B buyers.

  • 2
    Promoted Post Image Ads: A compelling image can capture the attention of potential clients and convey your value proposition quickly. Use image ads to showcase your products, services, or successful case studies, resonating with B2B buyers who often seek proven, practical solutions.

  • 3
    Promoted Post Video Ads: Video is an engaging medium that can be used to demonstrate your product's functionality, share customer testimonials, or explain complex concepts in an accessible way. This format is particularly effective for B2B audiences that appreciate clear, demonstrative content.

  • 4
    Promoted Post Carousel Ads: Carousel ads provide the ability to share multiple images or videos within a single ad unit. You can use them to highlight different aspects of a product, showcase a range of products, or walk B2B buyers through a process or story.

  • 5
    Promoted Post Conversation Placements: This ad format can spark discussions around your brand or industry. By initiating meaningful conversations, you can build relationships with B2B buyers, establish your brand as a thought leader, and gain insights into your audience's needs and pain points.The B2B buyer's journey is complex, often involving multiple decision-makers and a careful evaluation of solutions. These Reddit ad formats, combined with a strong understanding of your buyer persona and a commitment to continuous optimisation, can help you effectively reach, engage, and convert your target audience.

Navigating B2B Audience Targeting on Reddit: Limitations and Solutions

Reddit’s audience targeting tools offer many business-to-business (B2B) marketing opportunities. However, compared to more business-focused platforms like LinkedIn, some limitations do arise. Primarily, Reddit is a consumer-oriented platform, making it challenging to execute standard account-based marketing (ABM) techniques, such as targeting specific job roles, industries, or businesses. Despite these limitations, Reddit offers a unique approach to lead generation and demand generation in B2B marketing. Reddit’s strength lies in its vibrant interest-based communities or “subreddits,” where users discuss various topics. This allows B2B marketers to tap into these niche communities, effectively enabling industry-specific targeting. Here, content marketing plays a vital role. Marketers can leverage the engaging discussions in these communities to establish thought leadership, promote relevant content, and even contribute to the sales funnel by subtly introducing their solutions to problems being discussed. Moreover, Reddit’s upvote system ensures that resonating and high-quality content gets more visibility. This rewards well-crafted digital advertising efforts, thus contributing to customer acquisition and lead nurturing processes.

The ‘Lookalike audiences’ feature on Reddit expands your reach to new users with behaviour similar to your existing customers. This feature aligns well with the principles of target audience segmentation and can be a potent tool in your marketing automation strategy. Furthermore, Reddit’s geotargeting, device targeting, and time targeting options allow you to optimize your reach based on location, device usage, and user activity time. When combined with marketing analytics, these targeting features pave the way for data-driven marketing that can dramatically enhance your ROI tracking and conversion optimization efforts. However, this doesn’t negate the need for continuous competitive analysis. Understanding how other businesses leverage Reddit for B2B marketing can provide insights that further refine your strategy and contribute to a successful social media advertising campaign. 

In conclusion, while Reddit’s B2B audience targeting may require a more innovative approach than conventional platforms, its unique community-based structure offers distinct opportunities for reaching highly engaged professional audiences. This can significantly improve lead generation and nurturing when used strategically and creatively.

Case Study: Achieving Lower CPCs and CPLs with Reddit Advertising versus Google Ads for a Global ICT Company

Background: Our client, a globally recognized Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions provider, caters to a wide array of sectors with their innovative tech solutions. Despite their market leadership, they grappled with high cost-per-click (CPC) rates averaging $3.50 and cost-per-lead (CPL) rates of around $150 with their Google Ads campaigns. They approached Advant Technology seeking a more cost-effective strategy. Challenge: Our mission was to lower both CPC and CPL for the client, thereby enhancing their digital advertising strategy’s effectiveness and efficiency. Given the fierce competition in the ICT industry, we had to consider alternative platforms that could deliver lower CPCs and CPLs without sacrificing reach or engagement. Solution: We proposed a strategic shift towards Reddit Advertising, considering the platform’s cost-effectiveness and relatively lower competition. Our approach centred on using Reddit’s unique features to enhance brand visibility, engagement, and conversions while reducing costs. We initiated the campaign by identifying relevant subreddits where professionals interested in ICT solutions congregated.

We then crafted engaging Promoted Posts that provided value to Reddit users, focusing on thought leadership, industry insights, and problem-solving content. Instead of merely accumulating clicks, our ads aimed to stimulate meaningful interactions. To maximize ROI, we took advantage of Reddit’s robust targeting features, including lookalike audiences and geotargeting, to connect with professionals similar to our existing customers and those in key geographic markets. Moreover, we used Reddit’s analytics to continually monitor and optimize our ads, applying A/B testing to identify high-performing content and make data-driven decisions. Results: Our Reddit Advertising campaign yielded impressive results. The client saw a considerable reduction in their CPC rates, which dropped by 80% to $0.45, and their CPL rates, which fell by 40% to $90. This was primarily due to the lower competition on Reddit compared to platforms like Google Ads.

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What’s included in our programmatic agency set-up?

  • Project Initiation
  • Onboarding tracker customisation
  • Run through with the client to ensure all points are covered
  • Help facilitate with social channel creation incl logins
  • Consult & close work where required with Creative Team on digital assets & content including landing pages
  • Invoicing setup for each platform as well as internal systems for tracking spend & payments schedules
  • Tracking strategy & pixel implementation
  • Advertising accounts creation & set up
  • Campaigns structure setup, all strategies and corresponded assets upload, push live
  • Platform approvals expediting where required/applicable

What’s included in our agency's ongoing management?

  • Account Management
  • Weekly/Bi-weekly catch-up & optimisation calls
  • Ad hoc meetings
  • Creative consulting based n the test results & learnings
  • Bid optimisation
  • Audience optimisation 
  • Whitelist optimisation
  • Ads review/pause/refresh/new to test
  • Ads rotation
  • Budget optimisation between strategies
  • Placement and creative optimisation
  • Frequency optimisation
  • Monitoring & refreshing audiences if required


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