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The central aim of Advant Technology is to createĀ exceptional results-oriented solutionsĀ for your business by driving more traffic, generating conversions and increasing sales. We positively impact businesses through creative ideas and a transparent approach.

We help solve your challenges through data, technology and targeted media solutions:

Speak to our sales teamĀ about your requirements, and weā€™ll help you find the perfect solution.

Don’t just take our word for it

Advant Technology continues to be our programmatic advertising partner of choice because of the results they deliver. I donā€™t know another agency that can deliver 98% audible and viewable on completion and with a CTR of 8.6%.

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Michael Bonfils
CEO, SEM International

Data and Digital Media Experts with 100% Agency Retention

Our team are experts in digital media particularly in international media buying having delivered campaigns across Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia as well as parts of Africa. Led by industry veteran Ben Myers who has been innovating in the advertising space since 2007.Ā 

We work hard to give our clients a competitive advantage. Couple this with our unique approach to channel strategy, campaign planning, data, tracking and best practice implementation, and itā€™s no wonder we have never lost an agency relationship.


We are 100% dedicated to delivering our clients a return on investment. Whether the goal is brand or performance-focused, we measure what matters.


We also pride ourselves on being agile and are used to responding to high-pressure environments and quick turnaround times.

How we can help you

Think of us as an extension to your team.Ā 

We help marketers to take control of their digital media by running campaigns with greater efficiency and accuracy.Ā 

You will get access to a highly experienced team that will work with you to determine the best paid media approach, a results-driven strategy which youā€™ll have the final say in.Ā 

You donā€™t need to know loads – or anything – about programmatic.Ā 

Weā€™ll work together to pick and choose the best channels and the best formats that will deliver the biggest impact and ultimately, the most sales.

Since we opened up our doors in 2014, we have been using programmatic technology to manage paid media ad campaigns across display, video and native advertising to generate awareness, sales or leads and a positive ROI. Check out some of our case studies here.

Our Main Processes


We begin our planning process by establishing your goals and objectives. We look at your industry, your target audience and implement an audience first, channel second approach to delivering a campaign that meets those goals and maximises your ROI.

We put learning, data and optimisation at the heart of our programmatic campaigns. We ask the right questions that allow us to test and learn.

2. Campaign set up

Setting up a programmatic campaign is not for the faint-hearted.

The DSPs we use are designed for professionals, like us, with experience and extensive training.Ā 

The correct implementation of tags, audience collection, usage, troubleshooting PMPs, optimisation across hundreds of thousands of data points is just the basics!

Thatā€™s why we use a best practice approach to our campaigns to ensure maximum efficiency in spend.

Tailored to specific audiences allowing us to understand which audiences are best performing and where we are seeing the biggest engagement.

Allows for optimisation from start to finish using well-structured campaign variables

Dashboards that provide data in a clear and comprehensive way

A budget allowance % that allows you to test and learn

Automate simple tasks that will lower costs and increase KPIs

Use surveys to measure brand uplift where possible and feed findings back into the program

Clear KPIs and goals set out at the beginning of the campaign

Clear definition or audience targeting groups with a deep understanding of who you are addressing

Allow for flexibility in the media budgets minimising commitments

Data led approach at every level from planning to strategy to execution and learning

Use AI where possible to gain a competitive advantage

Creatives are the foundation of success, working closely with the creative team and the concept builders sets the path to success.

3. Targeting breakdown

Programmatic affords advertisers the opportunity to target through several methods. Some of the ones we are using are:Ā 

  • demographic
  • category
  • contextual/keyword
  • re-targeting/sequential
  • audience lookalike
  • geo-targeting
  • supply type
  • whitelist/blacklist
  • position
  • device
  • carrier & ISP
  • browser
  • in-market
  • income
  • language
  • viewability
4. Reporting, tracking, attributionĀ 

Visualise your campaigns in real-time across channels when you need, how you need.Ā 

Filter by channel, campaign,Ā  date, creative and placement.

We make it easy by giving you a holistic view of your digital media empowering you to understand performance.Ā 

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