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At Advant, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge B2B programmatic display & native campaigns tailored to drive success for medium sized and enterprise level organisations.
As a data-driven agency, we focus on crafting strategic, targeted, and high-impact digital marketing initiatives. We ensure your message reaches and resonates with your target audience using our knowledge in account based marketing and overlaying high value intent data.
Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients to develop a deep understanding of their unique challenges and objectives.
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We start by understanding who the client’s target audiences are so they can be reached in impactful ways across all media mix disciplines which will lead us towards more.

We follow a comprehensive 8-step process designed to adapt to your specific needs, enabling us to create a strong foundation for growth and success in the B2B landscape.

Our 8-Step Process

  • 1
    Goals & Objectives

  • 2
    Target Audience Insights, Research & Education

  • 3

  • 4
    Channel Strategy

  • 5
    Content Strategy

  • 6

  • 7
    Program Optimisation

  • 8
    New Opportunities & Education

Our approach is centered around data, innovation and continuous learning.

By utilizing ABM strategies and intent data insights, we deliver personalized and impactful display & native campaigns that drive demand generation and brand awareness for your organization.

To better understand your business we ask questions that help get under the skin of what’s truly going to work best for you. This then feeds into a well thought out media plan aligned to your goals and objectives. 

Sample questions we may ask during client onboarding.

  • 1

    What are the key touchpoints and channels you use?

  • 2

    Global vs local activation processes?

  • 3

    How does your sales process work, and what are the key stages?

  • 4

    What does your current budget sign off process look like?

  • 5

    How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

  • 6

    Are there any upcoming events or product launches that we should be aware of?

  • 7

    How do you approach account-based marketing and targeting specific companies or decision-makers?

  • 8

    What are your best performing landing pages?

  • 9

    How are leads collected? What constitutes a marketing qualified lead vs sales qualified lead?

  • 10

    Who manages the site and what do lead times/access to pixel implementation look like?

  • 11

    How do you currently measure the ROI of your marketing efforts?

  • 12

    Can we get access to website white papers and case studies?

  • 13

    How do you ensure alignment and communication between your sales and marketing teams?

  • 14

    How do you currently segment your audience and personalise your messaging?

  • 15

    What are the biggest challenges you face in reaching and converting your target audience?

  • 16

    What types of content resonate with your target audience and drive engagement?

  • 17

    What is your target cost per download?

Technology Display Advertising

Native vs Display Advertising

Both native and display advertising play important roles in a well-rounded B2B programmatic campaign.

Display ads are ideal for raising brand awareness and capturing the audience’s attention with eye-catching visuals. On the other hand, native ads prioritize valuable content and a user-friendly experience, which can lead to higher engagement rates and stronger credibility.

By incorporating both native and display advertising into our programmatic strategies, our B2B agency ensures that our clients benefit from the strengths of each format has to offer. This balanced approach allows us to reach a wider audience more efficiently through greater inventory supply from the real time bidding exchanges.

Understanding and Targeting Your B2B Audience

Being a B2B-focused independent agency specialized in display and native programmatic advertising, we recognize the significance of really understanding the B2B buyer and their buyer journey.

The B2B buyer journey is a complex and multifaceted process, involving numerous touchpoints across a multitude of channels. Navigating this intricate landscape can be challenging, but at Advant, we have the expertise and tools necessary to effectively target and engage your high-value audience throughout their entire buying path.

Our approach begins with a comprehensive analysis of the acquisition process, meticulously mapping out the key touchpoints and decision-making stages that buyers typically go through.

By gaining a thorough understanding of your target audience’s motivations, pain points, and preferences, we can tailor our strategies to effectively resonate with them at each stage of their journey, ultimately driving more meaningful connections and higher conversion rates.

By leveraging Bombora’s intent data and targeting data on top of our display & native  campaigns we’re able to deliver highly targeted campaigns.

This data-driven approach is applied across all our display & native campaigns. We can create highly targeted and personalized campaigns that capture the attention of your high-value prospects, effectively guiding them through the B2B buyer journey and ultimately driving demand for your products and service solutions.

The Advantages of B2B Programmatic Display & Native for Your Business

The past few years have witnessed a significant transformation in the world of programmatic banner and native advertising, offering unparalleled targeting capabilities that bring remarkable advantages to your business. With advancements in technology and data analysis, you can now precisely target your B2B audience based on various parameters such as demographics, interests, browsing behavior, and intent signals. 

This level of precision enables you to deliver highly relevant and personalized ads to the right prospects at the right time, enhancing engagement and driving conversions. Moreover, programmatic display and native advertising provide the flexibility to optimize your campaigns in real-time, allowing you to adjust targeting strategies, creative elements, and messaging to achieve optimal results. By harnessing these advanced targeting capabilities, your business can reach the most valuable B2B prospects, maximize advertising efficiency, and ultimately accelerate growth and success.

Conversion Tracking

Tracking conversions in B2B programmatic display is crucial for measuring campaign success and optimizing performance. By implementing conversion tracking mechanisms, we can track leads form submissions or even white paper downloads. This data enables informed decision-making and refinement of targeting strategies to drive higher conversion rates across future media spend.

Programmatic Display Agency Analytics

Our B2B Programmatic Agency: Offering Advanced Data Analytics & Campaign Success

As a leading B2B programmatic agency, we understand the crucial role that data plays in driving successful campaigns.

  • 1
    We prioritize efficient online dashboard reporting over time-consuming PowerPoints.

  • 2
    Our teams work closely with you to create customized cross-channel performance dashboards, crafted specifically for your unique objectives.

  • 3
    These real-time insights enable informed decision-making across all campaign channels.

Exceptional Data Capture

Our focus on exceptional data capture is at the forefront of our operation.
  • 1

    We ensure that tracking is set up correctly from the start.

  • 2

    All necessary pixels are put in place by our skilled team, enabling seamless tracking and measurement integration.

  • 3

    This comprehensive approach guarantees that we capture all the required data to analyze and drive the success of your campaign.

Performance Dashboards: Enhancing Client Understanding

Our performance dashboards are designed to be visually appealing and user-friendly.

  • 1

    They simplify data interpretation and enable clients to draw actionable insights easily.

  • 2

    Effective reporting extends beyond presenting raw data by providing clear recommendations to boost campaign success.

Comprehensive Overview of Campaign Performance

Our dashboards offer an all-encompassing view of campaign performance.

  • 1

    They track and display reach, engagement, costs, and conversions across all channels.

  • 2

    This facilitates the identification of user behavior trends, optimizes campaigns, and strategically allocates budgets for maximum impact.

Advanced Optimization Techniques in Programmatic Advertising

We leverage advanced optimization techniques such as bid caps to maximize the efficiency of your programmatic advertising.

  • 1

    Bid caps help to control costs by setting a maximum bid limit for individual impressions.

  • 2

    They ensure cost-effective use of your budget, delivering the most value for your spend.

The Outcome: Informed Decision Making

Ultimately, the approach of our B2B programmatic agency towards measurement and reporting equips clients with a clear understanding of campaign performance.

  • 1

    We provide all the necessary insights for clients to make informed decisions regarding their media spend.

  • 2

    Clients can feel confident and empowered in their campaign management, leading to a greater return on investment.

Advant Technology Display Advertising Scaled 6

Case Study: B2B Programmatic Display & Native in Action

Client: NTT

Challenge: Drive demand generation in 11 global markets, including the US, UK, India, Germany, France + others.

Solution: Our B2B programmatic agency devised a comprehensive campaign strategy that incorporated Bombora intent data to effectively target key decision-makers in NTT’s target markets. We began by analyzing the B2B buyer journey, mapping out key touchpoints and decision-making stages to create a tailored audience strategy. NTT created ads to our specification with messaging that would resonate with their target audience.

Using the Google DV360 DSP we ran our campaign across industry leading b2b publisher titles carefully selected to ensure there was a contextual fit. The right audience at the right time.

Results: By overlaying Bombora intent data, our B2B marketing agency was able to ensure brand messages were delivered to the right audience and raise brand awareness. CPCs achieved the target of $1.05 a key KPI of the campaign and very much inline with Google ads, another intent based channel.

Our Service in a Nutshell

Launch Preparation

  • 1

    Custom Onboarding: Tailored initiation process, planning & strategy

  • 2

    Tracking: Pixel implementation, verification of data

  • 3

    Finance: Invoicing systems

  • 4

    Campaign Launch: Set up & go live

Ongoing Management & Optimisation

  • 1

    Regular Reviews: Weekly/bi-weekly performance check-ins.

  • 2

    Consultation: Creative insights based on tests.

  • 3

    Ad and Budget Management: Continuous optimizations and ad rotations.

  • 4

    Audience Monitoring: Persistent audience refreshment and monitoring.

Analysis & Reporting

  • 1

    Goal Setting: Defining success metrics.

  • 2

    Dashboard Maintenance & improvement.


What’s included in our programmatic agency set-up?

  • Project Initiation
  • Onboarding tracker customisation
  • Run through with the client to ensure all points are covered
  • Help facilitate with social channel creation incl logins
  • Consult & close work where required with Creative Team on digital assets & content including landing pages
  • Invoicing setup for each platform as well as internal systems for tracking spend & payments schedules
  • Tracking strategy & pixel implementation
  • Advertising accounts creation & set up
  • Campaigns structure setup, all strategies and corresponded assets upload, push live
  • Platform approvals expediting where required/applicable

What’s included in our agency's ongoing management?

  • Account Management
  • Weekly/Bi-weekly catch-up & optimisation calls
  • Ad hoc meetings
  • Creative consulting based n the test results & learnings
  • Bid optimisation
  • Audience optimisation 
  • Whitelist optimisation
  • Ads review/pause/refresh/new to test
  • Ads rotation
  • Budget optimisation between strategies
  • Placement and creative optimisation
  • Frequency optimisation
  • Monitoring & refreshing audiences if required


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