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Canon, a global provider of digital imaging technologies, was looking to generate B2B leads in a niche target audience interested in Business Transformation while reducing the cost per lead.


To help Canon achieve their goals, there were a few challenges to overcome:

  • Canon’s target audience for this product is highly targeted and has several audience requirements. You can see these listed below per geo.

Canon’s target audience

  • The average cost of the solution Canon was selling was approximately €92,000
  • GDPR compliance was an absolute necessity
  • The activation process required several processes which can be seen below

The activation process required several processes which can be seen


We reviewed various paid media channels but none could guarantee a cost per lead outcome. In addition it was estimated the CPL would have been higher than publisher direct. Therefore we worked with various partners, a targeted publisher list and chose those who have a strong audience reach of Canon’s target customer.


The process began with telemarketing to a targeted audience, if the target opted to receive the content they would be emailed a link to download the content, only when they have downloaded the content would Canon be passed the details to follow up on.

  • Telemarketing:
    • Custom audience segments were built using publisher 1st Party data analysis across buyer intent. This included account level topic activity & engagement.
    • Telemarketing script was created in English. The calls were conducted in local language by the publisher bilingual agents.
      If the target opted to receive the content, they would receive a co-branded whitepaper follow up email
    • Qualified lead details were pushed into Canon’s Eloqua.
  • Content Hosting:
    • Content appeared within the publisher Connect Research Libraries.
    • Leads that submitted content hosting forms were qualified via telemarketing as well.
    • Finally, the details were pushed into Canon’s Eloqua.


Targets would be opted into a newsletter, within the newsletter a link to download Canons would be prominent, only once the user clicked and filled out the lead gen form would the target’s contact details be supplied to Canon.

  • Content hosting:
    • Content appeared within the publishers resources website for each geo in corresponding language. Leads that submitted content hosting forms were checked against the targeting criteria and then details are pushed into Canon’s Eloqua.
  • Newsletter Promotion:
    • Promotion of content on the house publisher resources newsletter ‘Selected Whitepapers’ enhanced awareness of and response to the content, delivering leads and additional branding. A small number of leads could be generated from users finding the whitepapers on the website directly but the majority of the leads were coming from the newsletter campaign promoting the whitepapers to the relevant audience directly


  • Cost per Lead reduced by 82%
  • 970 Leads delivered
  • 803 Leads moved to additional nurturing and classified as MQL,
  • SAL & SQL
  • 126 MQL
  • 16 SAL
  • 25 SQL
  • Average deal size € 92,000
  • Pipeline value: € 2,904,440


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