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Alpari’s Programmatic Display Advertising Success

Alpari, one of the world’s largest Forex brokers, is a well-established and recognised brand in Russia. In 2019, to expand its international reach further, Alpari turned to London-based programmatic agency, Advant Technology Ltd to help them increase both their brand awareness and sales through programmatic display advertising.


Forex brokers are always on the lookout for more customers but they have strict cost per acquisition (CPA) targets.

They saw a big opportunity in emerging markets and turned to our international expertise programmatic media buying to help generate new customer sign-ups and regular spenders.


Our aim was to drive users to custom landing pages on the Alpari website where they would be encouraged to create an account and deposit funds.

There was a concern about the landing pages loading time in different regions. This is a big deal for any advertising campaign with the mobile standard being 1 sec.

After learning that the client uses Unbounce page builder with drag and drop content creation, we suggested requesting optimisation from the Unbounce team, because the landing pages are not optimised in code by default, so that explained the long loading time.

We also suggested a few online tools for testing on mobiles for 3G & 4G as well as various regions and browsers to see the whole picture and optimise even further based on their insights.

Finally, we recommended using CDN (a content delivery network) in order to speed up loading in other countries. It caches your content closer to the country where your user accesses your site and then the next time it serves content much faster.

To maximise budget performance, it was essential that we got the targeting within the DSP spot on. Like most campaigns we start with a learning phase, we gather data, we test and learn to see which line item strategies within our chosen DSP will work best. For Alpari, our programmatic ad traders divided the platform budget equally between the campaign strategies below, we then allowed for the budget to be dynamically allocated based on the best performing line item.


Dynamic budget allocation allows you to set your total budget at the campaign aka parent level, the line item strategies below then share that common budget which sits underneath the parent or campaign level, the strategy with the best performing KPI will get the greatest share of the campaigns total budget.


We used third-party audience data through independent DSP in order to target audiences with greater precision. For this campaign, we used:
Eyeota – B2B – Interest – Products and Services – Investments and Stock Exchanges
Eyeota – Finance – Interest – Personal Finance – Investments
Fifty Core > Personal Finance > Personal Investing
Fifty Core > Personal Finance > Personal Investing > Options
Business / B2B – Interest – Investments and Stock Exchanges
Eyeota – B2B – Interest – Products and Services – Investments and Stock Exchanges


We also used contextual targeting to find users based on the content they are consuming. The keywords we used for this campaign were:

forex trading
+invest +stocks
+forex +trade
forex trader
+metatrader +4
+trading +bitcoin
how to forex trading
forex trading for beginners
+forex +trader
+forex +training
forex brokers
free forex signals
trading cryptocurrencies
trading stocks
forex broker
invest stocks online
+demo +forex
forex trading course
alpari group
+invest +gold +online
invest apple stocks
invest cryptocurrencies
+trade +gas


We started off with a whitelist of premium finance publishers, this was made up using the clients own list in addition to our list that we collated through research.

We negotiated and worked directly with these publishers to ensure we secured the best possible deal for the client. We then activated the publisher on a private marketplace deal also known as PMP (check out our blog post on PMPs here).

A selection of the best performing domains include:


A strong retargeting strategy ensures maximum media efficiency. To understand where users are on their path to purchase we export multiple event pixels that allow us to design a binary retargeting strategy. In the case of we tracked users across any of the following single events:


This allows us to maximise our bidding strategy to users who may have registered within 1,2,7,14 or 30 days but not yet deposited.


Having a clear structured report allows you to see the best strategies. Here are the list of just some of the dimensions we use when exporting our reports to give us the best possible overview:

Insertion Order Name
Tactic Name
Total Cost
Total Conversions
Total Conversion Rate
Conversion Segment Name
Insertion Order Currency Name


CPA target: £90
CPA delivered: £65.64

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