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VISA: Boosting Traveler Recognition with Display Banners

Advant Technology was approached by VISA to help boost recognition and usage of their services among travellers. Strategically placed display banners achieved nearly 11M ad impressions, helping to keep VISA front of people’s minds while travelling.DISPLAY BANNERS


With the rise of companies offering dedicated travel credit cards, many people forget about good ol’ VISA. Many travellers don’t think to use their VISA cards while travelling abroad, despite the fact that they can use it in millions locations in over 200 countries. Our task was to put VISA at the top of people’s minds for their future travels.


Our strategy was focused around distributing VISA banners across over 80 global markets, favouring countries with a population more inclined to travel over the summer months to Greece. We primarily targeted high net worth individuals and distributed our banners across premium travel and financial news websites in order to raise awareness and drive people through to the landing page. As this was an awareness campaign we focused on viewability and achieved 83% on average vs a global average of approximately 50% depending on year and market.

What is viewability?

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) an ad is considered viewable when it appears on at least 50% on screen for more than one second.

Why is viewability important when it comes to using display for awareness campaigns?

Unlike performance campaigns when the goal is some sort of conversion such as a sale or a lead, awareness campaigns are geared towards brand metrics such as brand recall and brand recognition, favourability and purchase intent among other metrics shown below.

Brand Equity Metrics

Raising awareness cannot be done unless the brand is seen therefore viewability is essential, in short the more viewable impressions delivered to your target audience the more you will increase the brand metrics above.


  • 10,800,000 impressions
  • 0.33% CTR
  • 83% viewability

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