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Growth Marketing Agency: Expert Consultants for Digital Growth

If you’re looking for help with digital marketing growth, engaging, and acquiring customers at scale, you’ve come to the right place.

Our agency of growth marketers has a team of experts who can assist you in all areas of paid marketing growth across big-hitting channels such as:

Facebook Ads, Google Ads / Paid Search, YouTube advertising, TikTok, Quora, Pinterest, and of course, programmatic display, native & video.

We power these platforms fueled with buyer research and a data-driven approach for improved performance marketing.

We help companies in a range of different industry verticals and varying sizes.

Our team of growth marketers will work with you to create a business growth plan that fits your unique needs and help accelerate growth, serving as the foundation to helping you scale with a strategic vision and a clear road map.

Expert Consultants for Digital Growth

Growth Marketing Platform built by Growth Marketers

We’ll work with proven marketing strategies, starting from the ground up and moving quickly towards success.

From building your foundation to launching your first campaign! We achieve tangible growth goals step-by-step with a relentless focus on testing, optimising, and retesting our process to find what works for you.

At Advant Technology, growth marketing is all about growing our clients’ businesses through customer acquisition, improved customer lifetime value and maximising customer retention.

Let’s talk about Growth Marketing

Fact, traditional marketing techniques don’t work as well anymore.

The same old tactics are just too limited. Sure, you might get some results with some paid search, a bit of SEO, and even some Facebook ads.

Returns are diminishing, though, and you’re probably not going to scale as much as you could.

Growth marketing, by contrast, is evidence-based. It focuses on being customer-centric, not company-centric. It’s about being strategic, first, not just tactical campaign driven. It’s more than just acquisition.

It’s also about looking at retention and up-selling, it’s a compound shift from opinion to evidence-based, and instead of having fixed annual plans, it’s about having an agile marketing operation. 

So what does this mean for your business, and how can we help you become a growth marketing-driven business?

Growth hackers are constantly testing new strategies to find the best ways of reaching their customers.

The growth marketing field is a constantly changing and evolving space. Our agency stays abreast of these changes to focus on your business.

As technology advances, so too does the sophistication of campaigns for brands looking to grow their customer base through experimentation with different content formats, platforms and content.

Using the most sophisticated marketing technology available, our growth marketers can track what content is seen by different user segments and when.

This allows them to create highly optimised strategies for each identified group of users, going down as far as an individual level with personalised messages tailored just right!

Marketers can craft highly personalised campaigns that reach users across multiple channels with deep personalisation. This enables them to follow the user’s own behavioral cues for optimal growth strategies that will be optimised based on what each person does individually instead of being one size fits all like traditional media.

The future of marketing is personalised, data-driven campaigns that engage your customers and build trust.

When marketing is done with an individualised approach, the cost of customer acquisition can be massively reduced. 

These success stories show how personalised campaigns lead to greater ROI for brands.

Hopefully, you are beginning to understand how growth marketing strategies can work for your business.

We are all about growth marketing!

It’s not just a catchy description; it’s what our company does every day to help companies achieve their goals and grow through the power of digital marketing tools.

The old model of agency-client relationships is broken.

We build close, long-term partnerships with each client so we can support your business objectives and adapt quickly to changes in the market. 

We fully immerse ourselves in success-driven tasks. 

We have found that by working with a small number of clients at once, we can invest all our energy into doing excellent work for each client. 

Our agency growth marketing team only handle a few accounts at a time. 

Our team becomes invested in the company’s business goals and their role within your marketing team; this helps create an internal dynamic that mimics an internal hire. 

We pride ourselves on making sure every engagement goes smoothly – from start to finish – and we’re always transparent with our clients.

We take great care in finding out which growth strategies work best for each client.

What makes our growth marketer team so successful is a deep understanding of your customers. 

We go beyond demographic data and focus on understanding the entire customer journey. We do that by looking at the buyer user journey and extracting as much customer data as possible. This then feeds into content marketing and paid media programs.

This is at the heart of growth hacking/growth marketing, and it’s what sets our agency apart from others in the space to accelerate growth.

How do we help you with your growth marketing strategy?

We know that to be successful, your company needs a strategy and the right tactics. That’s why we’ve created this blueprint for marketing performance services at scale!

  • Buyer Journey Research – Customer life cycle
  • Marketing Performance Strategy
  • Growth Media Planning and Performance Marketing
  • Customer & Internal stakeholder interviews
  • Digital channel strategy
  • Mar-tech advertising audit
  • Tool analysis
  • Consumer Data Management and Analytics
  • Mar-Tech & Advertising Operations
  • Digital Innovation

We hope this blueprint gives you a good idea of what’s possible and how our team can help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Benefits of our Growth Marketing Agency

What are the benefits of our Growth Marketing Agency?

  • Maximising relevance to your customers will improve customer engagement
  • Increase sales growth and maximise profitability
  • Lower business costs whilst streamlining business processes and lowering the reliability of resources
  • Improve customer experience
  • Increase trust among your target audience
  • Personalised messaging across the entire customer life cycle
  • Improve reputation among your target audience
  • Better content management and processes for content development that lead to more organic growth
  • Eliminate the silos between your channels so you can give customers a more consistent and connected experience
  • Target the best customers with your messages and offers for a great ROI
  • Utilise a holistic approach to optimisation that takes into account all of your digital properties.

If you are looking for a growth marketing agency that can provide the same level of service as a large, international agency but with the personal touch and attentiveness of a smaller company, please reach out to us! We would be happy to discuss your specific needs. Schedule a call today.

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