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Inspiring B2B Advertising Ideas: Rethinking Your Strategy

The digital realm is always on the move, and as it evolves, so does the world of B2B advertising. As brands navigate this dynamic landscape, adapting becomes the name of the game. Over at Advant Technology, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve, crafting fresh, innovative strategies for our clients. With a track record of running campaigns worth more than $20 million in spend, we’ve gathered a treasure trove of insights. Ready to explore some game-changing B2B advertising tactics? Let’s jump in.

How B2B buyers are changing in the face of the digital ecosystem

B2B buyers these days aren’t just waiting around. They’re taking the reins, using tools like Google Search, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Quora to actively research and find the best solutions that resonate with their needs. With a world of options just a click away, their journey has become both intricate and empowered.


Screenshot of a LinkedIn Ad from a B2B Brand

With the ongoing changes, brands like yours really should consider a programmatic way of buying media. It’s a more cost-effective approach, and let’s face it, in the B2B scene, everyone wants more leads and sales.

Creating Your B2B Brand’s Story

So, in this world of constant digital content, why should anyone notice your brand? Your unique brand story makes all the difference. Here at Advant Technology, we’re all about making stories that stick. We keep things clear, flexible, and honest so that your brand’s story isn’t just catchy but genuine.


Image: A captivating brand storytelling visual by Pinterest.

You know, today’s B2B customers want more than just services. They want experiences, connections, and relatable stories. Having an engaging story isn’t a “nice-to-have”; it’s an absolute must.

B2B Podcasts – Get tuned in

The power of podcasts cannot be understated. Their unique blend of storytelling and expertise makes them an ideal medium for B2B brands. Imagine sharing your brand’s innovations, values, and expertise through a series of engaging podcasts. Insert Image: Screenshot from a popular podcast platform showcasing a trending B2B podcast.

Looking to gain a more thorough understanding of a particular topic? Podcasts are the perfect solution, providing listeners with in-depth insights rather than just scratching the surface. And thanks to advancements like Programmatic Audio, advertising on podcasts has never been easier.

Search off the Record

Image: Check out Google Search off the Record, accessible on major platforms like Spotify, Acast etc

Programmatic Digital out of Home B2B for Trade Events

Trade events have always been a cornerstone of B2B marketing. However, with advancements in programmatic advertising, brands can now amplify their presence at these events with programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising. Picture this: Your brand message displayed dynamically across multiple screens at an event, changing in real-time based on data analytics and audience behaviour. You don’t even have to exhibit.

LinkedIn advertised in the airport

LinkedIn advertised in the airport

LinkedIn advertised in the airport

Image: A dynamic digital billboard at a B2B trade event called Cannes Lions, where LinkedIn advertised in the airport greeting attendees and promoted their trade stand. 

Leveraging Data for Personalized B2B Advertising

In the ever-evolving world of B2B marketing, data has become the cornerstone of crafting compelling campaigns. With the influx of MQL leads that businesses strive to generate, understanding and segmenting this data is essential. Personalized advertising, driven by rich insights, is the key to engaging your audience effectively.

Chart showing the massive growth in B2B programmatic advertising spending

Insert Image: Chart showing the massive growth in B2B programmatic advertising spending for the first seven months of 2021, as sourced from

The steep rise in spending highlights how businesses recognise the power of data-driven campaigns in digital advertising. 

User journeys – The key to success

As a B2B buyer, you embark on a unique journey from the moment you realize a need to the point of conversion. This journey is filled with multiple touchpoints that are crucial to your decision-making process. However, in many cases, you might not even be aware of your own needs because you don’t know how a solution can solve your problems. This is why awareness campaigns are so important. Understanding user journeys can significantly impact a brand’s conversion rate. Successful B2B brands craft a marketing strategy that caters to these diverse paths. To succeed, a B2B or marketing agency must map out these journeys and deliver tailored content at each stage. If your agency isn’t doing this, consider doing a user journey analysis with an agency that can help you, like us 🙂

Example of a user journey we performed for a B2B client

Image: Example of a user journey we performed for a B2B client

Video Advertising in the B2B Space

It’s no secret that video advertising has seen a meteoric rise in recent years. It offers a medium that can convey complex B2B offerings in an engaging, digestible format. Insert Image: Forecast of global ad spending in the ‘Video Advertising’ segment, showcasing a consistent increase as sourced from This growth is not just a trend; it signifies the shift in consumption patterns, especially in the B2B sector. With platforms like Meta Ads – Facebook & Instagram, and LinkedIn, video content can be precisely targeted, ensuring that your message resonates with the right audience.

LinkedIn Video Ad

Data-driven Strategies: Creating Customized Experiences in B2B Advertising

As touched upon, data is integral to creating customized experiences. Digital advertising, especially in the B2B arena, demands a blend of creativity and analytics. By leveraging platforms such as Google DV360, Taboola, and more, businesses can deliver ads that are not just eye-catching but also deeply relevant. The surge in ad spending, as evidenced by data from, further underscores the trust businesses are placing on data-driven strategies. Their report shows a steady climb with US B2Bs expected to spend over $30 billion on advertising by 2023. This showcases the renewed confidence in B2B marketing post a brief slump in 2020.

By leveraging real-time data, we at Advant Technology can anticipate shifts in interests and preferences, ensuring that our campaigns resonate deeply with our target audience.

Precision in Platform Selection: Each advertising platform serves a unique purpose, and understanding this nuance is crucial. For instance, while Google DV360 offers vast reach, platforms like LinkedIn Ads can cater to specific niches. It’s about ensuring that every ad spend is maximized for impact!

Optimizing with Real-time Insights

The beauty of digital advertising lies in its agility. With regular checks and a keen eye on performance metrics, brands can pivot their strategies for maximum impact.

Analytics – GA4

In an era of sophisticated advertising, understanding the intricacies of your campaigns is paramount. Enter GA4, the latest analytics model from Google. With its more user-centric approach and machine learning capabilities, it provides businesses with enhanced insights into their audiences’ behaviors. For B2B businesses, this means getting a clearer picture of how potential business partners interact with their content, thereby refining their messaging and delivery for optimum engagement.

Final Words

B2B advertising isn’t just about reaching businesses; it’s about connecting with the individuals behind them. In a world inundated with content, standing out requires a blend of data-driven strategies, platform-specific expertise, and a deep understanding of the ever-evolving B2B buyer. As you rethink your advertising strategies, remember that innovation, authenticity, and agility will help keep you ahead of the curve.

Advant Technology prides itself on its commitment to innovation and results-driven approach. Our dedication to understanding and adapting to shifts ensures our clients remain at the forefront. Whether through programmatic systems, rigorous testing, or collaborative efforts, our goal remains unchanged: delivering digital media campaigns that meet and exceed expectations. The right agency partner, equipped with the tools and expertise, can make all the difference. 

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