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Master Google Ads for B2B SAAS Campaigns

Are you a digital marketer looking to maximize the potential of Google Ads for your B2B SAAS brand?

The Google Ads platform is an incredibly powerful tool for those seeking to gain an advantage in B2B marketing.

An essential platform to drive sales and leads alongside your SEO efforts.

This blog post contains actionable advice to help you get more from Google Ads for your B2B Technology based SAAS. From understanding campaign objectives to setting up conversion tracking, you can create results-driven ad campaigns explicitly tailored to your company’s unique needs.

Master Google Ads for B2B SAAS Campaigns
Master Google Ads for B2B SAAS Campaigns

Define your audience

Understanding your target audience is essential for crafting successful PPC advertising for SAAS brands.
To ensure that you are marketing to the right people, consider their needs, not what you think they are. What are their motivations? What is the information they are looking for to help them decide? Unlike B2C marketing, it’s less about interests and demographics than their pain points. By understanding these factors, you can create a custom-made campaign for them!

Use the right keywords

Unlock the key to success by uncovering relevant search terms used by customers seeking out products similar to yours through comprehensive keyword research. A detailed audit of the buyer journey will help you uncover thousands of keywords that match their users needs at different stages of the buyer journey.

Optimize your Ad Copy

The SAAS space can be incredibly competitive. Understand what your competitors are selling and what they advertise; this will give you valuable insights so that your ad copy can stand out. Make sure your ads have an engaging edge! Utilize persuasive language and a strong call to action to maximize clicks.

Utilize Ad Extensions

Enhance your ads and drive more engagement with ad extensions; they are a great way to boost the visibility of your campaigns – giving you a competitive edge. They offer more ad space and can direct the user to specific content tailored to your customer.

Use Remarketing

Remarketing does not have to be done via Google Ads but rather through a DSP of your choice. At our global programmatic agency, we use DV360, which allows us to leverage first-party client data. Google ads is an effective traffic driver, whilst remarketing brings users back. The more touch points and site visits, the more likely the buyer will buy from you.

A/B Test

Test the effectiveness of your message by running an A/B comparison on Google Ads. See which version resonates with customers to maximize reach and ROI.

Monitor Metrics

Metrics are a powerful tool to measure your success – use tracking services such as Google Analytics to monitor important KPIs like CTR, conversion rate and CPA. Gain insight into the performance of campaigns so you can improve results over time!

Negative Keywords

An essential part of your Google Ads campaigns will be not buying ads based on searches which are not relevant. Monitor your negative keywords on an ongoing basis and add them to the list weekly. This will improve efficiency and reduce paid media wastage.

Maximizing your B2B SAAS campaigns
Maximizing your B2B SAAS campaigns

Optimise Landing Pages

Invest in landing pages to maximize the success of your ad campaigns! By creating targeted pages for each one, you’ll be able to get more visitors converting and staying engaged. It’s a great way to ensure that all those clicks work hard for your ad spend, driving the maximum ROI.

If you follow the steps we outlined in this blog post, you’ll be well on your way to driving successful B2B SaaS campaigns using Google Ads. Just remember to keep your audience top of mind throughout the entire process and tailor your ads specifically to their needs.

We work with many technology companies across Europe and North America and beyond. Drop us a line if you want us to audit your PPC campaigns. Our expert PPC consultants can help drive growth with a data-led approach tailored to your clients’ needs.the 

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