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International Digital Marketing Agency Services

Looking for a digital marketing agency that can help you with PPC, social media and programmatic advertising?

Look no further! At our agency Advant Technology, we specialise in helping clients achieve their paid media goals.

We understand the importance of building awareness and driving sales, and we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve these objectives.

What Makes Us Different From Other Digital Marketing Agencies?

A successful digital marketing agency needs to have a strong understanding of its client’s business, and this is why we develop a deep understanding before spending any digital budget.

Our digital marketing agency processes start with the

  • Goals and objectives are the starts of everything we do, and our advertising services are tailored to meet those.
  • Once we have the goals and objectives, we look at audience insights, a time when we can research and educate ourselves about your business.
  • Next comes the overarching strategy, which is a high-level plan that will help us allocate the correct resources to each activity.
  • This sets a framework for developing an efficient channel strategy where we look at which advertising platform will be best.
  • In some cases, we may need to look at a partner strategy, perhaps specific publishers whom we need to partner with in order to get special access to inventory or data.
  • Next comes the content production and media plan, which will outline all the content we will produce and where it will be placed.
  • Each platform is different, so we need to adapt creativity to the channel.
  • Next, we launch, and the program optimisation begins.
  • Continuous reporting is a big focus for our clients and us, giving them transparency about how their digital agency is spending its budget.
  • Finally, the program is reviewed, and further opportunities are identified for additional effective marketing solutions.

We’re committed not just to providing services but also to going above and beyond by offering dedicated support throughout all stages.

Our Digital Marketing Services

International Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC)

The power of pay-per-click advertising lies in the fact that behind every search, there is some form or intent resulting in a channel which can deliver high conversion rates.

With our digital agency partner network, we can run PPC in virtually any language in any country more than translation we do transcreation. 

Advant Technology is able to improve your campaigns by carefully selecting keywords and target markets that will generate the most relevant high-converting traffic. 

We have a team of highly experienced professionals who specialise in setting up and managing international PPC campaigns. As a data-led team, we look at key performance indicators which we set at the start of the marketing strategy. Our expert team then report back with any changes needed to the digital strategy in order to deliver more effective marketing results.

For PPC marketing efforts, we use a combination of Google Ads and Bing.

Social media performance marketing

Social media is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy.

The goal of social media marketing is to build relationships with customers and followers across social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest and the ever-growing TikTok platform.

Paid social, on the other hand, needs to connect with customers on an emotional level, build brand awareness and ultimately drive more sales. A strong marketing agency worth their salt will choose the right social platform based on your goals, your industry, your market and your target audience.

The right social media agency is one that helps you understand your audience and their needs, not merely what they’re interested in. We know that each social media user interacts with the platform differently. That’s why we develop comprehensive buyer personas to inform our testing and optimisations, ultimately helping you grow your business.

So, what makes us one of the best social and digital marketing agencies? It’s our data-led approach.

Data lies at the heart of every industry-leading social media marketing strategy, and we have the team with the skill set to analyse data, find insights and use it to make decisions about developing a media plan that drives efficiency beyond other digital agencies.

Social Media Digital Strategists

Our team of digital strategists is always testing new ways to grow clients’ businesses. We have systems set up where we can run hundreds of tests and analyse results through visual dashboards to make the necessary optimisations and get the most out of our client’s online advertising budgets.

To get better results, our marketing agency tests audiences obsessively and experiments extensively with ad-creative. We utilise data-based campaign optimisations that are built out across multiple channels for growth.

Maintaining growth requires strategic planning, which our experts do every week on behalf of our clients, and we do this across many international markets.

To most, when you say social advertising, they think of Facebook, but there is more to social media advertising than just Facebook Ads.

You might think that once you start seeing results on your paid social campaigns, you should only focus only Facebook, but we like getting creative with the way in which we think about digital platforms to reach customers. We work together towards increasing touch-points across all major networks to increase scale & efficiency.

Programmatic advertising agency services

Beyond the major digital marketing solutions such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads lies programmatic advertising.

Most of the digital marketing campaigns we run for clients include some form of programmatic advertising, and it’s what separates us as a leading international digital marketing agency used by some of the world’s biggest brands as well as start-up/challengers.

Even some of the top digital marketing, creative and PR agencies outsource their programmatic but not Advant Technology. Our own account management and ad operations team run programmatic in-house. In fact, programmatic advertising is part of our DNA.

The truth is programmatic advertising is complex, and that’s why we are a white-label solution for some of the best award-winning agencies across the globe.

If you’re looking for a digital marketing company, make sure they offer programmatic advertising because programmatic advertising has many benefits, and it’s not just for big businesses. We’ve proven programmatic can also work for start-ups and smaller businesses too.

Programmatic works for B2B advertising as well as B2C.

Our programmatic advertising services include:

– Programmatic buying

– Programmatic media planning

– Programmatic creative

– Programmatic campaign execution

Some of the benefits of working with us for programmatic advertising include:

– Reach: Our programmatic advertising campaigns help you target specific audiences more efficiently and at a lower cost than traditional media buying.

– Transparency: We show you exactly how much you’re spending, where your ads are running, and who’s seeing them.

– Efficiency: Our automated buying means less wasted ad spending. AI and machine learning are used to improve efficiency further.

– Accountability: Because you can track your results, you can see what’s working and adjust your campaigns accordingly.

  • Retargeting: One of the unique benefits of programmatic advertising is that you can target previous website visitors with ads as they browse other websites.

Our approach in programmatic is the same as our other digital services, centred around our clients’ needs and always data-led.

Flexible, collaborative relationships

Marketing is constantly evolving, and so are the needs of both clients and agencies.

Clients need a partner who will keep them up-to-date with what’s happening in their industry while also providing guidance on how best to navigate it; our agency acts as this counsel.

The goal should always be identifying opportunities where you can expand your reach – whether through new strategies or reevaluating old ones.

Marketing campaigns are living, breathing organisms. They need constant supervision and attention if you want them to succeed!

One responsibility our agency takes on when working with clients is providing proactive, engaging account management throughout all stages, including planning/strategy development, execution and optimisation. It’s what we do for our clients. We think of ourselves very much as an extension of your team, and this is something our clients say to us.

Digital marketing services for any industry

Some of the industries we’ve worked in are Travel, Finance, Automotive, E-commerce, Technology etc.

Sector experience helps but at the heart of any effective marketing strategy lies a deep understanding of people, data and technology, and this is something Advant Technology excels in. We’ve probably got a bunch of case studies in your industry. Drop us a line if you’d like to learn more.

Global Digital Marketing Agency

Advant Technology is a global company. We originally were based in London but have now grown to include the United States and Andorra. What truly makes us global, though, is our remote team, who works across several continents and has the capacity to reach audiences across the globe with just a few clicks.

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