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“After winning a competitive tender, the Advant Technology’s team really went the extra mile to make sure that the campaign they created was spot on. Because they are such a great listeners, they understood exactly what I was trying to achieve and I can’t praise their creativity highly enough. The campaign they run for us during the pandemic brought amazing results and hugely exceeded our expectations. I would recommend them wholeheartedly as a company which provides just the right balance of professionalism, creativity and customer service.”

Dorota Wojciechowska​ 
Head of Marketing, Polish Tourism Organisation​

We have extensive experience in planning and implementing paid media campaigns in the tourism industry, and over the years, we have had the pleasure of working with many tourism boards across the globe including Canada, Tunisia and Cyprus

Our most recent work was with the Polish National Tourism Board whose campaign objective was to inspire British tourists to one day resume their travels to Poland during a time when the UK was coming out of its first Covid-19 lockdown. 


The tourism and travel industry have suffered immensely from the coronavirus pandemic, and tourism boards around the world have seen a massive drop in the number of tourists visiting their countries. To help the Polish tourism industry recover from the crisis, the Polish National Tourist Office (PNTO) in London wanted our help in creating and implementing a creative marketing campaign to inspire British travellers to visit Poland in 2020. 


A memorable, fun and inspiring video was created to encourage shares and conversations on social media. Dubbed “Re-Lose Yourself in Poland”, the theme of the video was focused around the relatable elements of lockdown 1.0 where banana bread making, jigsaw puzzles and Zoom quizzes became our new reality. 

We targeted people with an interest in Central and Eastern Europe and who are likely to travel in Q4. With a small budget and a target of 5M impressions, we monitored and optimised the campaign frequently to ensure we were on track to hit the target. 


  • The video resulted in over 6.1 million impressions (1.1m above target)
  • The ad generated nearly 350,000 reactions on social media, showing clear signs of how relatable the content was

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