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What is a Destination Marketing Organisation?

Advant Technology has worked with many DMO advertising campaigns over the years, helping to create awareness and drive profitable footfall to specific locations within a destination. 

As Advant Technology works extensively in the tourism marketing and advertising sector, we felt it pertinent to define precisely;

What is a Destination Marketing Organisation? AKA a DMO.

The destination stakeholders represent the connection between individual suppliers and consumers of tourism services. This group comprises private, public, and non-governmental organisations that play an active role within the ecosystem, either as suppliers or consumers.

A destination marketing organisation (or DMO) is responsible for promoting its location to potential visitors, including marketing the location’s goods and services. They are tasked with providing all promotions of their location to facilitate profitable tourism. 

A DMO may be a non-governmental organisation (NGO) or a Governmental Organisation, company, or association interested in promoting its location. It can include anything from small towns to entire countries. 

Depending on jurisdiction and legal issues, they may focus solely on marketing within one country or internationally and, therefore, market to the whole world.

Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) offer services such as:

  • Destination management;
  • Promotion;
  • Visitor information and more!

There are many different types of DMOs, including:

  1. National DMOs;
  2. Regional DMOs;
  3. Destination Marketing Associations (DMA);
  4. International associations and more!

Some advantages of having an effective destination management organisation are listed below: 

  • A destination’s competitiveness and attractiveness come from effective, sustainable strategies and are based upon a balance of interests of all stakeholders inside the tourist destination. 
  • Achieving consistency: An effective DMO has ownership and responsibility to coordinate among public and private stakeholders at the international, regional, national and local levels that ensure consistency.
  • Sustainability Destination activities and initiatives that are not well-managed may lead to irreversible loss of resources and customer loyalty, damage the destination’s image and reputation and create obstacles for future development. Thus, an effective DMO would work towards sustainably managing those issues.
  • The Tourism Marketing & Promotion Division is responsible for implementing all provincial tourism marketing and promotional activities to facilitate profitable tourism.
  • The Tourism Marketing & Promotion Division supports the Destination DMOs in developing, managing, promoting and evaluating their respective Tourism products. 
  • Building a tourism culture in the destination: Tourism marketing and promotion helps to build an awareness of the destination’s attractions, services and experiences by key markets-locally, nationally and internationally. The destination marketing organisation acts as a point of contact for international tourism organisations. 
  • Establishing effective partnerships: The effective implementation of tourism activities can only be achieved through collaboration between all stakeholders in the destination.
  • Limiting the impact of overtourism: Tourism marketing and promotion can help lead visitors away from overcrowded sites, reduce traffic congestion and provide more options for visitors.
  • Building strong brand identity: A destination’s brand can attract and retain visitors by providing a clear and consistent message about the destination. A strong brand identity helps build loyalty among visitors while increasing their overall satisfaction with the experience.
  • Destination branding: Destination branding is creating an image or style that identifies a place in the minds of target markets (visitors, potential visitors and opinion leaders) and differentiates it from the competition. Destination branding is essential in destinations with similar product offerings to their neighbours.


The benefits that a destination marketing organisation can bring to a destination are numerous and often include limiting the impacts of overtourism, building a solid brand identity and establishing effective partnerships. Destination marketing organisations work diligently to facilitate profitable tourism for their respective destinations.

If you are a DMO and want to learn about promoting your brand through engaging content delivered to tailored audiences, reach out to our team, and we can help you plan an effective and measurable campaign.


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