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Bombora Intent Data. Why is it Important for B2B Advertising

Bombora Intent Data Explained

Bombora stands at the forefront of the intent data space, offering invaluable insights into which businesses are actively researching specific products, services, or subjects. By observing content consumption behaviours across a comprehensive network of B2B publishers, Bombora can pinpoint surges in specific interests, enabling advertisers to connect with businesses precisely when they’re most open to engagement.

Advant Technology has partnered with Bombora to offer this data to our B2B clients.

What exactly is “intent data”? Intent data provides insights into the online behavior of potential buyers, such as the content they’re engaging with, indicating their buying intentions. This data can be captured from various sources, including search behavior, web visits, and content engagement.

What is Bombora Intent Data

The Importance of Intent Data in B2B Advertising

  1. Enhanced Precision: Dive deep into the exact needs and interests of businesses to tailor messaging effectively against a specific list of topics:

  2. Synchronized Engagement: Engage potential clients at the right time, amplifying the chances of conversion.

  3. Maximized ROI: Channel resources towards high-intent leads, ensuring that advertising spends are used most efficiently.

  4. Stay Ahead: Knowledge is power by knowing what potential clients are seeking and when you gain a competitive advantage.

Navigating Bombora’s Intent Levels: Insights for Our Partners

Bombora’s Intent Levels serve as an instrument to pinpoint when businesses display a spike in interest in particular topics, potentially hinting at a forthcoming purchase decision. Here’s an overview:

  1. Spotting the Surge: Bombora has a mechanism to spot an uptick in the engagement of a particular Intent Topic. It monitors users’ depth, frequency, and volume from a firm diving into that subject. A surge indicates that a business might be in the decision-making phase.

  2. Understanding Company SurgeĀ®: Company SurgeĀ® by Bombora evaluates intent by juxtaposing recent 3-week data against a 12-week historical frame. An anomaly in this period denotes heightened interest.

  3. The Rating Mechanism: Every Intent Topic is graded on a scale from 0-100. A score beyond 60 suggests a rising interest in that topic. To make this data actionable, RollWorks classifies these numbers into categories: “Medium”, “High”, or “Very High”.

  4. Categorizing Topics: With the help of machine learning, Bombora systematically arranges these Intent Topics. This structured approach lets us align our strategies with topics relevant to your product/service or target audience interests .

  5. Keeping Data Fresh: Bombora believes in working with the latest insights, hence the data undergoes a weekly refresh.

At Advant Technology, we focus on harnessing tools like Bombora for accuracy and relevancy in our campaigns. The value of identifying elevated interest should be considered in B2B campaigns. We’re here to ensure that these nuances are not just captured, but actively utilized.

Bombora Intent FAQs


How much does it cost to use Intent Data?

Bombora prices its intent data on a CPM (Cost Per Thousand) basis. This means that clients are charged based on the number of impressions or data points they access or utilize, multiplied by the CPM rate. While the exact CPM can vary depending on the depth, specificity, and volume of the data required, it is generally within the $1.50 – $3.00 range, reach out to us get more details on pricing. The return on investment when using intent data often outweighs the initial cost, as the insights provided can lead to more targeted and effective marketing campaigns, potentially driving higher conversion rates and improved sales performance.

How do I measure the ROI of using intent data in my campaigns? You can gauge its impact and ROI by comparing metrics like conversion rates, lead quality, and sales performance before and after the integration of intent data.

What about data privacy and GDPR compliance? Bombora is GDPR compliant, ensuring that all data is ethically sourced with user privacy in mind. Always ensure any intent data provider respects global data protection regulations.

How reliable is intent data? The reliability of intent data depends on the sources from which it’s derived and the methodologies used to interpret it. Bombora uses advanced algorithms and a broad base of data sources to ensure accuracy.

How is Bombora’s intent data different from others in the market? Bombora aggregates intent data from a cooperative of B2B publishers, providing a broad and comprehensive view of organizational content consumption.



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