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How To Choose a LinkedIn Marketing Agency

LinkedIn isn’t just another social media platform; it’s a powerhouse for business-to-business marketing. With over 930 million professionals, it’s the go-to platform for brands wanting to establish their position, drive thought leadership, and generate high-quality leads. 

The right agency can make all the difference in executing an effective campaign that delivers quality leads from your target audience or a bunch of wasted media spend. 

Selecting the right LinkedIn marketing agency begins with understanding your objectives and ensuring the agency aligns with these ambitions.

LinkedIn Marketing Agency 

We’ve got some short but sweet things to consider when you’re looking for a LinkedIn Paid Media agency:

  1. Self-Assessment: Recognize where your brand stands and what you hope to achieve. This helps in selecting an agency that aligns with your growth stage.
  2. Audience Targeting: The right agency should accentuate the importance of audience insights. With Advant Technology’s 8-step process, for example, “Target Audience Insights, Research & Education” sits prominently as a pivotal step.
  3. Ask About Their Approach: Investigate the agency’s methodologies. Do they, for example, like us, emphasize data analytics and real-time optimization.
  4. Transparency and Collaboration: Ensure your agency values collaboration and transparency. Agencies like Advant Technology, which consider collaboration and honesty as their pillars, often translate these values into more synchronized and successful campaigns.
  5. Strategize with the End in Mind: Visualize the desired outcome while setting objectives. Your chosen agency should not just offer you a strategy but also detailed reporting, continuous optimization, and innovative solutions, ensuring your goals are not just met but exceeded.
  6. Budget: Understand your budgetary constraints. Some agencies like ours have minimum monthly budgets. At Advant Technology, that’s generally around $10k per month. 
  7. Pricing: An agency’s pricing model should be clear. Clarity ensures no hidden costs or surprises, whether it’s a fixed fee, percentage of spend, or another model.
  8. Experience: Investigate the agency’s track record. Advant Technology’s programmatic campaigns since 2014, and their results-oriented approach, testify to their expertise.
  9. Location: While many agencies operate globally like ours, understanding their base location can be necessary for communication, cultural alignment, and potential face-to-face meetings. Advant Technology’s UK base with an international team ensures we cater to a global clientele while maintaining a solid local presence in the UK. Still, we also partner with regional affiliated partner offices if we need on-the-ground support in other markets.
  10. Reporting: Comprehensive and transparent reporting is key. Ask how often you’ll receive updates on your campaigns. Advant Technology, for instance, ensures performance monitoring with data-led decisions, helping clients understand the ROI of their campaigns.
  11. Lead Generation: For B2B brands, LinkedIn can be a goldmine for lead generation. The agency should have proven tactics to drive potential business leads, from sponsored content, gated or ungated document ads or even InMail strategies.
  12. Industry Experience: Does the agency have experience in your sector? This can offer insights and tailored strategies that others might miss. An agency’s familiarity with specific industries ensures a more nuanced approach.
  13. LinkedIn within a Comprehensive Channel Strategy: In today’s digital ecosystem, an effective B2B marketing strategy isn’t confined to one platform. An agency’s strength could lie in their ability to integrate LinkedIn with broader paid media strategies, encompassing tools like Google Ads and programmatic platforms. When considering an agency, it’s imperative to choose one that not only understands the unique strengths of LinkedIn but also knows how to harmonize it with other platforms for a synchronized, multi-faceted approach. With firms like Advant Technology, you get the expertise of melding LinkedIn’s professional network with the expansive reach of Google Ads and the precision of programmatic, ensuring a cohesive and robust digital strategy.
  14. Integrating Bombora Data Sync for a Robust LinkedIn Strategy: As the B2B landscape grows more complex, incorporating intent data like that from Bombora becomes paramount. When seeking a LinkedIn marketing agency, evaluating their experience syncing Bombora’s rich data insights directly into LinkedIn campaigns is very important. An agency’s track record of such integrations and its relationship with Bombora speaks volumes about its capacity to effectively harness intent data. Partnering with agencies that have a solid affiliation with Bombora ensures that your LinkedIn strategy is continually informed and refined by real-time, intent-driven insights, maximizing relevance and engagement.

As you set clear objectives for your B2B LinkedIn marketing, it’s equally crucial to pick an agency that embodies these aspirations. An agency’s proficiency, represented by its tools, approach, and values, should echo your goals.

To help you get started, here are a few questions you could ask the agency?

To help you get started, here are a few questions you could ask the agency?

  1. What is your experience with B2B LinkedIn advertising campaigns?
  2. Can you provide examples of successful campaigns with similar businesses or industries?
  3. How do you integrate Bombora Data Sync into your LinkedIn strategies?
  4. What tools and platforms do you use alongside LinkedIn Ads, and why?
  5. What are your lead generation strategies specific to LinkedIn, and how do you measure success?
  6. Can you explain your onboarding strategy in detail?
  7. How do you incorporate LinkedIn into an overall channel strategy, including Google Ads & programmatic advertising?
  8. What ad formats have you found most effective on LinkedIn, and how do you decide which to use?
  9. Can you share case studies demonstrating your ability to high quality traffic?
  10. How do you ensure collaboration, transparency, and continuous innovation with your clients?
  11. How do you measure ROI, and what analytics and reporting tools do you utilize?
  12. What support do you provide for ad optimization and A/B testing on LinkedIn?
  13. How do you stay ahead of changes to LinkedIn’s algorithm, ad formats, or other platform updates?
  14. Can you explain your pricing model?
  15. How do you handle creative aspects of LinkedIn advertising, including visuals, copy, and audience targeting?
  16. What kind of LinkedIn support and relationship do you maintain with the platform, and how does it benefit your clients?

Other FAQs:

What tools does Advant Technology use in conjunction with LinkedIn Ads?

  • A: Alongside LinkedIn Ads, Advant Technology leverages tools such as Google DV360, Taboola, mobile app DSPs, Google Ads, Meta ads, Quora Ads, Reddit Ads, and Bombora. This array of tools reflects the agency’s commitment to a diversified and adaptable digital marketing strategy.

How does Advant Technology approach LinkedIn marketing differently from other agencies?

  • A: Advant Technology takes a programmatic approach, using advanced data analytics for real-time optimization and performance tracking. With a proven track record in integrating tools like Bombora, and a methodical 8-step process including goals, strategies, content, reporting, optimization, and continuous learning, our agency provides a unique, results-driven approach to LinkedIn marketing.

What does a LinkedIn Marketing Agency do?

What does a LinkedIn Marketing Agency do?A LinkedIn Paid Media agency should specialize in leveraging LinkedIn’s advertising platform to amplify your brand’s visibility, engagement, and lead-generation efforts within the professional audience of the platform.

They should devise and execute paid advertising campaigns tailored to the unique B2B environment of LinkedIn. This involves selecting appropriate ad formats— be it Sponsored Content, Video Ads, InMail, or document Ads—based on the brand’s objectives. Leveraging advanced targeting features, they should pinpoint specific demographics, industries, job titles, and even company names to reach the most relevant audience. They should leverage programmatic buying techniques, ensuring efficient budget utilization and maximum ROI. Continuous monitoring, A/B testing, and real-time optimization are part of their strategies, adapting to audience responses and platform changes. Furthermore, with analytical tools, they provide clients with in-depth performance reports, ensuring transparency and data-driven decision-making.



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