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Facebook video advertising

We’ve had the honour to work with prestigious sports awards brand Laureus on various campaigns over the years. This time, they were looking to generate Facebook likes and increase the exposure of their virtual awards ceremony; Real Heroes. To generate Facebook likes, we built a widget that allowed users to like their page straight from video advertising and hence streamlining the user journey. For the exposure of the campaign, we fine-tuned our targeting and achieved a CTR of 10%.


Laureus was looking to increase awareness of their upcoming live event, Real Heroes. They also wanted to increase their number of Facebook fans by reaching new, highly relevant audiences.


To maximise exposure of the upcoming event, our team focused on getting the targeting absolutely right in order to achieve the best CTR.

We had to think cleverly about reaching these audiences through a scalable medium available in various countries where people have the mindset to consume similar content, and what would be better than Facebook at achieving this?

As we’ve seen huge successes using rewarded video advertising in the past (most recently for Blizzard Activision and Shore Projects) we decided to go with this format. The video ads were played in contextual football games and to a highly relevant audience.

To help increase the Facebook fan base, we wanted to maximise the ROI for the client by streamlining the customer journey. To achieve this, we built a like button underneath the video player. This allowed users to like the page straight from where they consume the branded content, rather than having to first go to the Facebook fan page and then click the like button, which would have resulted in a longer user journey, higher drop off and ultimately higher cost per result.


  • We achieved 71,000 views from our Facebook video player ad with a 10% CTR (compared to average at less than 1% and 1,000 higher engagement than a display banner)
  • The video drove 15% of all traffic on the site, making it the 3rd largest source of traffic, resulting in nearly 20,500 likes
  • We increased the brand’s fan base for £0.30/like (compared to the average cost of $1.50-$2) maximising the ROI for the client

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