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Rewarded Video Advertising: A Win-Win for Users, Advertisers

Think you crushed your last candy? Think again.
Ever played a game and ran out of lives and got angry birds at your friends for not sending you an extra life? What if we told you there’s an easy, fast and free way to keep on playing? Just watch a video ad and you’ll get rewarded with a new life…or access to premium content…or virtual currency. You can basically crush candy until the cows from Farmville come home.

This is what opt-in, or rewarded video advertising is about, and we’re all over it.

What is so great about rewarded advertising? 

  • The power is with the user. Don’t feel like watching the ad? No problem (but you’ll have to wait a minimum of 30 mins to get a new life. And anyone who has played Candy Crush knows Candy Crush minutes are equal to about 300 real minutes)
  • How great is the brand who just helped you reach that new level? A lot better than your so-called friends who refuse to send you extra lives, that’s for sure.
  • It’s a win-win situation where both user and advertiser gets rewarded. In our case, as advertisers who play, it’s like the best thing ever.
  • The target audience is broader than you may think with the average mobile gamer aged 38 years and female

Still not convinced? These numbers talk for themselves:

  • A Facebook survey showed that nearly three in four gamers would happily watch in-game ads  in order to enjoy free games
  • The average CTR (click-through rate) is 7.5 times higher than display ads
  • They can be 86% less expensive than video ads overall
  •  52% of apps say that this type of video ads are the most lucrative type of in-game advertising
  • 71% of players prefer watching in-game video ads than paying for an app
  • 62% of players regularly choose to engage with rewarded video apps by choice
  • 62% of apps saw user retention increase or maintain after the introduction of rewarded video ads

We’ve had great success with rewarded video advertising for many clients. Check out some of our customer success stories from Shore Projects and Activision Blizzard.



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