Rewarded video advertising

Shore Projects, a new online retailer creating beautiful and timeless watches inspired by the British seaside aimed to expand their audience base and experiment with new advertising formats. A combination of rewarded video advertising and native advertising generated nearly 2m impressions with a CTR of 8% and a completion rate of 90% on video. Additionally, Shore Projects increased its database by 86,000.



In the past, Shore Projects’ advertising efforts have been predominantly focused on social media (you may have come across some of their stunning designs on Instagram). Recently, Shore Projects have been struggling to reach out to new audiences and so had to find other ways of engaging with customers outside of Instagram.


The main target for this campaign were millennials, looking for the latest trends and who have shown an interest in competitor brands and products.

Advant Technology came up with a mixed media channel strategy focusing on video advertising and native advertising to create awareness of the brand. Both these formats are highly effective in driving high volumes of traffic, which can then be remarketed to through other forms of media. The use of re-targeting helped us reach those who showed interest but didn’t finish a purchase.

The predominant format used was rewarded video advertising, it was up weighted due to its media effectiveness.

The social media buy was managed in-house by Shore Projects. We worked alongside their paid advertising team to support with new formats and leverage the skillset that we have. This helped add value where Shore Projects needed it most.


Rewarded video advertising is a type of incentivised advertising that is most commonly used in mobile games or entertainment apps. In short, a user watches a video to get rewarded. We’ve seen huge successes using this format for clients such as Laureus World Sports Awards and Activision Blizzard.

You may have come across rewarded video ads on Spotify (where you can watch an ad to receive 30 minutes of uninterrupted music) or in a mobile game (where you can watch a video in order to get an extra life). We recently wrote this blog post on why we’re big fans of this format.

Rewarded video advertising can be highly effective and boasts some super impressive success rates:

  • 71% of players prefer watching in-game video ads than paying for an app
  • 62% of players regularly choose to engage with rewarded video apps by choice
  • 62% of apps saw user retention increase or maintain after the introduction of rewarded video ads
  • 52% of apps say that this type of video ads are the most lucrative type of in-game advertising

Contrary to popular belief users playing mobile games are not just Gen Z. Indeed, the average mobile gamer is female aged 38 years old. Rewarded video advertising has huge scale no matter the market you can be assured there are plenty of gamers and app users who are reaching to exchange their time and attention for watching video ads.

Interested in hearing more about rewarded video advertising? Speak to one of our team members who’d happily explain more.


  • 1m impressions from video advertising
  • 90% completion rate on videos
  • 8% click-through rate (CTR)
  • 86,000 new site visitors
  • 9.7 million impressions on banners and native advertising during Black Friday and Christmas
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