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Canon: B2B Business Transformation


Business Transformation B2B leads

Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France‚Äč

Lead Gen

pipeline value
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Canon, a global provider of digital imaging technologies, was looking to generate B2B leads in a niche target audience interested in Business Transformation while reducing the cost per lead.


To help Canon achieve their goals, there were a few challenges to overcome:

  • Canon‚Äôs target audience for this product is highly targeted and has several audience requirements. You can see these listed below per geo.

Canon’s target audience

  • The average cost of the solution Canon was selling was approximately ‚ā¨92,000
  • GDPR compliance was an absolute necessity
  • The activation process required several processes which can be seen below

The activation process required several processes which can be seen


We reviewed various paid media channels but none could guarantee a cost per lead outcome. In addition it was estimated the CPL would have been higher than publisher direct. Therefore we worked with various partners, a targeted publisher list and chose those who have a strong audience reach of Canon’s target customer.


The process began with telemarketing to a targeted audience, if the target opted to receive the content they would be emailed a link to download the content, only when they have downloaded the content would Canon be passed the details to follow up on.

  • Telemarketing:
    • Custom audience segments were built using publisher 1st Party data analysis across buyer intent. This included account level topic activity & engagement.
    • Telemarketing script was created in English. The calls were conducted in local language by the publisher bilingual agents.
      If the target opted to receive the content, they would receive a co-branded whitepaper follow up email
    • Qualified lead details were pushed into Canon’s Eloqua.
  • Content Hosting:
    • Content appeared within the publisher Connect Research Libraries.
    • Leads that submitted content hosting forms were qualified via telemarketing as well.
    • Finally, the details were pushed into Canon’s Eloqua.


Targets would be opted into a newsletter, within the newsletter a link to download Canons would be prominent, only once the user clicked and filled out the lead gen form would the target’s contact details be supplied to Canon.

  • Content hosting:
    • Content appeared within the publishers resources website for each geo in corresponding language. Leads that submitted content hosting forms were checked against the targeting criteria and then details are pushed into Canon’s Eloqua.
  • Newsletter Promotion:
    • Promotion of content on the house publisher resources newsletter ‚ÄėSelected Whitepapers‚Äô enhanced awareness of and response to the content, delivering leads and additional branding. A small number of leads could be generated from users finding the whitepapers on the website directly but the majority of the leads were coming from the newsletter campaign promoting the whitepapers to the relevant audience directly


  • Cost per Lead reduced by 82%
  • 970 Leads delivered
  • 803 Leads moved to additional nurturing and classified as MQL,
  • SAL & SQL
  • 126 MQL
  • 16 SAL
  • 25 SQL
  • Average deal size ‚ā¨ 92,000
  • Pipeline value: ‚ā¨ 2,904,440


We’ve got plenty of experience and would love to chat with you. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Also have a read through some of our other B2B leads case studies from brands such as Medtronic, a global medical device manufacturer and Chelsea FC.

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Case Studies

Diadora: Make it Bright

We delivered a full suite of programmatic activity in seven markets for Diadora’s brilliant Make it Bright campaign.

Case Studies e-Commerce Media Buying & Planning

Diadora: Make it Bright


Paid media plan

Discover Diadora: Elevate Your Brand with B2B Solutions

We worked together with the brilliant team from SMFB to deliver a full suite of programmatic activity in seven markets for Diadora during the launch of their Make it Bright campaign. The plan included:

The total paid media budget was over 4.5 million euros, Advant Technology managed a 1.4millon euros of this over a period of 3 months.


The aim was to raise awareness of the sports brand’s Make it Bright campaign. The campaign began with one person ordering a pair of N9000 shoes online, and unknowingly pressing the start button of a spectacular relay run 1,500km across Southern Europe. 70 runners from 10 different countries participated and passed the shoebox all the way from Milan to Barcelona. While the run took place, people were able to keep track of the process of the parcel as it made its journey.

Diadora got in touch in relation to the launch of their new shoe range as they wanted our help to promote it. Most of Diadora’s customers were male and the brand wanted to strengthen their recognition among a female audience. The KPI set:

‚ÄėTo increase sales of running shoes 18% YOY with 30% of customers being female‚ÄĚ

Increase sales of running shoes

We used banners to deliver inexpensive impressions with a 2.17% CTR. By going programmatic rather than direct we gained approx 5x more impressions.

We drove traffic to their Heritage collection by targeting affluent audiences 35-45 years old interested in publications such as GQ, Vanity Fair, Forbes, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Financial Times.

Through our strategy we achieved an overall 74% completion rate and recorded a 6.7% CTR across the whole campaign in the UK!

We used banners to deliver inexpensive impressions

By using clever targeting on social media,¬†13 million people¬†ended up watching an average¬†68%¬†of the 3 minutes long film on YouTube, creating¬†15%¬†additional views worth¬†‚ā¨58,000¬†of free media.

Tweets provided more than 15 million impressions and 2 million video views resulting in a 30.7% increase in engagement.

More than 5 million views within the youngest audience (18-34 years old) with an astonishing 74% completion rate.

The activity resulted in a 7000% search lift in Germany & the USA

We also commissioned 50 bloggers who provided more in-depth engagement of over 3 million impressions across social media.

Diadora worked with independent brand research agency TNS to measure the effect of online advertising and saw an incredible uplift in brand awareness and perception.


  • Online sales went up by¬†47%¬†with the product line selling out 2 weeks before the end of the campaign
  • Female sales increased by¬†65%
  • Intention to buy:¬†+43%
  • Brand perception increased by¬†106%
  • 38,845,358¬†video views
  • 15M¬†impressions on Twitter
  • 74.15%¬†competition rate in a long-form video


We have vast experience from working with sports brands. Make sure to check out our case studies from Chelsea FC and Laureus Sports Awards and speak to us today about your upcoming campaigns.

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Case Studies Display banners Lead Gen

Chelsea Football Club: B2B Lead Gen Campaign



Central London

B2B lead gen through display banners‚Äč

A targeted approach using display banners achieves more than 1.1 million impressions to one of the world’s most recognisable football clubs.

Chelsea FC b2b lead gen


Chelsea Football Club’s hospitality packages offer corporate clients an exclusive experience to enjoy matchday from the best seats while enjoying exceptional hospitality. When Chelsea FC’s media agency got in touch with us, they had experienced a slow down in sales for their corporate packages and wanted a fresh approach on how to maximise their budget while increasing exposure to a more targeted audience.

Chelsea FC traditionally invest in outdoor advertising to promote their corporate packages. While this approach has worked for them in the past, they have noticed that the return on investment had decreased alongside their advertising budget and was looking for a more cost-effective solution to increase exposure of their B2B packages.


With a limited budget in mind, Advant Technology had to be clever in how to broaden the exposure of corporate packages to a small segmented B2B audience.

Choosing banners as creative assets for the campaign allowed Advant to streamline their efforts and create a highly targeted approach. Banners have the highest reach of any programmatic format and with more scale we were able to bid on only those impressions which were truly valuable.

For the awareness phase of the campaign, the geo targeting was predominantly focused on central London, and concentrated in key wealthy areas such as Kensington as well as large corporations using IP address database targeting, who were the most likely audience to convert.

In the retargeting phase, we focused on those visitors who came through paid search, organic search, or direct traffic but who had not converted yet.


  • Over 1.1 million impressions
  • 0.17% CTR (click through rate) vs an industry standard of 0.1%
  • Conversion rate 150% above forecast

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Case Studies

Diadora: Make it Bright

We delivered a full suite of programmatic activity in seven markets for Diadora’s brilliant Make it Bright campaign.

Case Studies Media Buying & Planning

Destination Canada: Global Digital Media


Global digital media strategy and implementation

Destination Canada: Uncover B2B Opportunities and Insights

Together with The Engine, Iceland and SEM International, Advant Technology was commissioned to implement a full digital media planning and buying strategy on behalf of Destination Canada. In total over $12m of media was spent across 11 markets including the UK, Australia, China, Germany and France.


  • Full paid media schedule
  • Digital strategy
  • Global digital media planning
  • PPC Google Ads
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube
  • Native ‚Äď Outbrain, Taboola
  • Programmatic display and video
  • Unruly, Teads
  • Deep content partnerships that included hundreds of individual landing pages with publishers such as: Die Zeit, The Guardian, Mailonline, National Geographic, Great British Chefs and many more


Destination Canada was looking to raise awareness of Canada as a travel destination and increase passenger arrivals. They needed our help to get a really good understanding of the typical user journey of visitors who could consider Canada for their next holiday. They also needed to get a better idea of where in the purchase funnel it would be most efficient to engage with these potential visitors.


We inspired consumers through the power of video and amazing storytelling, we moved users through the purchase funnel towards consideration. We broke down the user funnel into several stages, each having its own strategy, you can read more about these phases and the approach we recommended below:


‚ÄúPredestined‚ÄĚ brand and consideration level activity: this means that this part of the campaign had only one objective: raise brand awareness, make relevant audiences consider Canada as a tourist destination by inspiring content and highly visual creative execution.

In order to give funding partners peace of mind, we applied appropriate brand uplift measurement to give us an optimisation facility as well as tangible brand metrics that can create a benchmark for future ‚ÄúDreaming phase‚ÄĚ campaigns.


  • YouTube
  • TrueView with Brand Lift and Brand Research
  • Instagram Video/Instagram Stories + Facebook Canvas + Holdout Group Lift Study
  • Programmatic Video + Vizu
  • Programmatic Display on Select Travel publishers PMP + Vizu
  • Programmatic Display on wider audience + Rich Media + Vizu


5 ‚Äď 10% brand uplift


The largest share of content discovery takes place on mobile devices, this is where ‚Äúcontent snacking‚ÄĚ and heavy video consumption takes place. This is a global trend and in the majority of DC target markets, it is entirely applicable. Therefore, we recommended putting extra emphasis on executing this part of the campaign on mobile devices.


Following the brand level activity we saw an increased level of search activity for Canada related information and content: as we know that the next step in the users’ mind will be to conduct research and to gather additional input before making an investment or purchase decision.

This means wide reach, long-tail Canada and hiking etc travel-related capture in Search Engines to ‚Äúscoop up‚ÄĚ users considering/planning their next destination. At this stage, we focused on driving users to appropriate content pages (how-to, saving tips, recommendation on comparison etc.)

This allowed us to guide the user and create a riverbed, a flow of customers going to the single trade partner that will get prospects into Canada!

The SOLE PURPOSE of this activity was to provide valuable and useful information for our prospects. (the long-term benefits of providing this information is that this will be evergreen content and with proper SEO considerations it can ease the reliance on publisher content investment year on year).


  • 60% pull marketing in PPC (travel & Canada related queries driven to Keep Exploring (useful content in alignment with search terms)
  • 40% push marketing in Promoted content in native/programmatic native and paid social with content boost only

From a tactical execution point of view, we provided and established a strategically laid down tracking infrastructure which will give us the ability to:

  • create Remarketing Lists for Search Ads for users having watched/interacted with TrueView Videos in the Dreaming phase
  • create Custom Audience lists for Facebook/Instagram Video watchers for various parts of the video (25, 50 or full completion) or Custom Audience lists who interacted with Facebook Canvas creative
  • create DoubleClick Audience Lists for users having watched our programmatic video in the Dreaming phase, which then can be used for following up with programmatic native messaging, pushing the consideration content in front of our ‚Äúprimed‚ÄĚ audience


Cost per landing
Cost per CTA click


Heavy mobile focus as that is where the majority of research activity takes place.


This is the part where we proposed a fundamentally different approach in order to truly provide value for provinces and the Government of Canada.


Highly relevant and laser-targeted audiences and increased campaign efficiency:
1. BC Warm Lead Audience group (searched for BC destination airport on trade partner site once)
2. BC Hot Lead Audience group (searched for BC destination airport on trade partner twice or more)
3. BC Freshly converted (remove from retargeting pool and activate cooldown)

Programmatic Display ‚Äď Dynamic Retargeting
PPC: Search Remarketing
Paid Social: Facebook Remarketing, potentially dynamic remarketing


CPA of 450 CAD or less


Creative and ad types

Programmatic Display

Dynamic Ads


Paid Social


Once a prospect has converted and is ready to fly to Canada, ideally the customer engagement should not finish here. We recommended that Destination Canada/Provinces provide additional value and content to facilitate better experience and to increase customer opinion overall. (which data and statistical evidence suggest often result in referrals and word of mouth recommendations, incredibly valuable for Canada)


  • 40% uplift in paid efficiency compared to previous top 4 network agency
  • Cost per completed view of $0.012 and average 2% CTR across programmatic video

Over the years, we’ve worked with many tourism boards across the globe including Visit Cyprus and Aegean Airlines. If you’re interested in hearing more about how we could help you, please get in touch.

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Case Studies Video Advertising

Shore Projects: Rewarded Video Advertising


Rewarded video advertising

Rewarded Video: Shore Projects Expansion & 86K New Visitors

Shore Projects, a new online retailer creating beautiful and timeless watches inspired by the British seaside aimed to expand their audience base and experiment with new advertising formats. A combination of rewarded video advertising and native advertising generated nearly 2m impressions with a CTR of 8% and a completion rate of 90% on video. Additionally, Shore Projects increased its database by 86,000.



In the past, Shore Projects’ advertising efforts have been predominantly focused on social media (you may have come across some of their stunning designs on Instagram). Recently, Shore Projects have been struggling to reach out to new audiences and so had to find other ways of engaging with customers outside of Instagram.


The main target for this campaign were millennials, looking for the latest trends and who have shown an interest in competitor brands and products.

Advant Technology came up with a mixed media channel strategy focusing on video advertising and native advertising to create awareness of the brand. Both these formats are highly effective in driving high volumes of traffic, which can then be remarketed to through other forms of media. The use of re-targeting helped us reach those who showed interest but didn’t finish a purchase.

The predominant format used was rewarded video advertising, it was up weighted due to its media effectiveness.

The social media buy was managed in-house by Shore Projects. We worked alongside their paid advertising team to support with new formats and leverage the skillset that we have. This helped add value where Shore Projects needed it most.


Rewarded video advertising is a type of incentivised advertising that is most commonly used in mobile games or entertainment apps. In short, a user watches a video to get rewarded. We’ve seen huge successes using this format for clients such as Laureus World Sports Awards and Activision Blizzard.

You may have come across rewarded video ads on Spotify (where you can watch an ad to receive 30 minutes of uninterrupted music) or in a mobile game (where you can watch a video in order to get an extra life). We recently wrote this blog post on why we’re big fans of this format.

Rewarded video advertising can be highly effective and boasts some super impressive success rates:

  • 71%¬†of players prefer watching in-game video ads than paying for an app
  • 62%¬†of players regularly choose to engage with rewarded video apps by choice
  • 62%¬†of apps saw user retention increase or maintain after the introduction of rewarded video ads
  • 52%¬†of apps say that this type of video ads are the most lucrative type of in-game advertising

Contrary to popular belief users playing mobile games are not just Gen Z. Indeed, the average mobile gamer is female aged 38 years old. Rewarded video advertising has huge scale no matter the market you can be assured there are plenty of gamers and app users who are reaching to exchange their time and attention for watching video ads.

Interested in hearing more about rewarded video advertising? Speak to one of our team members who’d happily explain more.


  • 1m impressions from video advertising
  • 90% completion rate on videos
  • 8% click-through rate (CTR)
  • 86,000 new site visitors
  • 9.7 million impressions on banners and native advertising during Black Friday and Christmas
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Shoes diadora
Case Studies

Diadora: Make it Bright

We delivered a full suite of programmatic activity in seven markets for Diadora’s brilliant Make it Bright campaign.

Case Studies Programmatic Video Advertising

Shelter: Programmatic Video Advertising




Programmatic video advertising

It was an honour for Advant Technology to assist the charity Shelter as part of their 2019 winter campaign. By distributing video ads across a specific list of premium news websites, we achieved viewability rates of 70%.

As the country’s leading housing and homelessness charity, Shelter is fighting to tackle homelessness throughout the year. During the cold winter months, the need for emergency housing becomes even more urgent, and with that, the need for charitable donations.


With the aim to maximise awareness and donations for the Shelter brand over the winter period, Advant Technology used a mixture of premium video placements across tier 1 and tier 2 sites focusing on brand video metrics and donations. Shelter also provided us a blacklist of sites, which we ensured we never appeared on.

The targeting methodology was focused around delivering these ads within a contextual environment across content relating to charity, donations, homelessness and topics relevant to women (as women are more likely to make charitable donations).

We utilized Integral Ad Sciences pre-bid fraud filtering to ensure impressions were brought against high-quality traffic on large player inventory.

Pixels were placed across the Shelter site allowing us to create lookalike audiences whilst still maintaining a strict whitelist.

Due to efficient media buying, we were able to buy impressions at a lower than expected rate, allowing us to give Shelter 15% back in added value, essentially 15% more impressions at no extra cost.

Campaign Overview

  • Pre-Roll & Native video campaign
  • Targeting & Optimisation
  • Budget split into Premium Tier 1 & Tier 2 publishers
  • Positive and Negative Contextual keyword targeting across all media
  • Upweighted campaign towards later 1/3rd


  • Viewability threshold of¬†70%
  • Completion rate of¬†54%

Shelter programmatic advertising

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Benefits Programmatic Advertising

Benefits of Programmatic Advertising

BENEFITS OF PROGRAMMATIC ADVERTISING Programmatic Advertising: Transparency, Real-Time Stats Benefits of the Programmatic Advertising – Advant Technology[/caption] Programmatic advertising has been for many years been

Case Studies In-App Advertising Video Advertising

World of Warcraft: In-app Advertising


Online gaming


In-app advertising

World of Warcraft, part of the Activision Blizzard Group with a turnover of $6.5bn, is a powerful force in the gaming industry. The role-play game has been around for many years and is constantly reinventing itself with new add-ons, but the brand is reaching saturation. Advant was commissioned to help reach new audiences outside of traditional communities using image and video assets.


  • Increase brand awareness and drive qualified traffic
  • Deliver a positive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Identify lookalike audiences that fit key Blizzard titles
  • Increase awareness for game launches and upgrades
  • Drive incremental growth from outside of the typical Google YouTube and Facebook ecosystem


Activision Blizzard, the company behind epic games such as Overwatch and Call of Duty, approached us with a brief to increase brand awareness and traffic for one their most famous brands: World of Warcraft.

The role-playing game has been around for many years and is a powerful force in the online gaming industry, however, despite efforts to constantly looking to reinvent itself with new and exciting add-ons, the brand is reaching saturation.


As  WOW had lots of content it made sense to use a media plan that could leverage that content. As with any brand awareness campaign when running video advertising we’re looking to ensure the following goals:

  • Brand safety
  • Completion rate
  • Viewability
  • CTR

With this in mind, we turned to in-app game advertising, more specifically, rewarded video advertising. Rewarded video advertising can be hugely successful, and we recently also used it as part of¬†Shore Projects‚Äė¬†media strategy. We also wrote a blog post about it¬†here.

One of the main benefits of this type of advertising is that we can deliver very high completion rates (the average is as high as 95%). On top of this, videos are 100% in view with 100% share of voice AND yields CTRs in the region of 4% on average. Basically the holy grail of video metrics!

The CPMs are much lower than VOD platforms so naturally this made huge sense and would give Blizzard excellent awareness for their marketing investment.


The implementation of the campaign included an effective full-funnel retargeting solution that allowed Blizzard to own the data.

Our team then negotiated the best contracts on behalf of Blizzard for media buying and ad-serving and drove re-engagement via sophisticated retargeting strategies, taking into consideration upper funnel behavioural signals and factoring in recency windows from an initial site visit.


  • 8.6%¬†Click-through rate vs a YouTube average of 0.33% CTR vs a pre-roll industry average CTR of 0.59%
  • 98%¬†Audible and viewable on complete (AVOC) vs the industry for pre-roll which is just 22.5%


Advant Technology worked with paid and organic search specialist SEM International who managed the client relationship from their HQ in California where Blizzard is also based. Here’s what CEO Michael Bonfils had to say:

‚ÄúAdvant Technology continues to be our programmatic advertising partner of choice because of the results they deliver. ¬†I don‚Äôt know another agency that can deliver 98% audible and viewable on completion and with a CTR of 8.6%. The campaign was a great success and helped deliver a big sales boost for Blizzard and their title World of Warcraft‚ÄĚ


What made Advant succeed with this campaign was to look outside the box and find a gaming audience that gave the biggest ROI. Advant looked at a range of channels but knew that in-game rewarded video advertising would be both highly targeted but also deliver high reach with moderate investment levels.

It’s this type of thinking that sets us apart from you’re your average agency who would probably have just whacked the budget on Facebook or Google without too much thought of going further than the norm.

  • ¬†

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Rewarded Video Advertising

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Case Studies Programmatic

Alpari: Programmatic Display Advertising


Nigeria, South Africa, Australia, global retargeting
Programmatic display advertising

Alpari’s Programmatic Display Advertising Success

Alpari, one of the world’s largest Forex brokers, is a well-established and recognised brand in Russia. In 2019, to expand its international reach further, Alpari turned to London-based programmatic agency, Advant Technology Ltd to help them increase both their brand awareness and sales through programmatic display advertising.


Forex brokers are always on the lookout for more customers but they have strict cost per acquisition (CPA) targets.

They saw a big opportunity in emerging markets and turned to our international expertise programmatic media buying to help generate new customer sign-ups and regular spenders.


Our aim was to drive users to custom landing pages on the Alpari website where they would be encouraged to create an account and deposit funds.

There was a concern about the landing pages loading time in different regions. This is a big deal for any advertising campaign with the mobile standard being 1 sec.

After learning that the client uses Unbounce page builder with drag and drop content creation, we suggested requesting optimisation from the Unbounce team, because the landing pages are not optimised in code by default, so that explained the long loading time.

We also suggested a few online tools for testing on mobiles for 3G & 4G as well as various regions and browsers to see the whole picture and optimise even further based on their insights.

Finally, we recommended using CDN (a content delivery network) in order to speed up loading in other countries. It caches your content closer to the country where your user accesses your site and then the next time it serves content much faster.

To maximise budget performance, it was essential that we got the targeting within the DSP spot on. Like most campaigns we start with a learning phase, we gather data, we test and learn to see which line item strategies within our chosen DSP will work best. For Alpari, our programmatic ad traders divided the platform budget equally between the campaign strategies below, we then allowed for the budget to be dynamically allocated based on the best performing line item.


Dynamic budget allocation allows you to set your total budget at the campaign aka parent level, the line item strategies below then share that common budget which sits underneath the parent or campaign level, the strategy with the best performing KPI will get the greatest share of the campaigns total budget.


We used third-party audience data through independent DSP in order to target audiences with greater precision. For this campaign, we used:
Eyeota – B2B – Interest – Products and Services – Investments and Stock Exchanges
Eyeota – Finance – Interest – Personal Finance – Investments
Fifty Core > Personal Finance > Personal Investing
Fifty Core > Personal Finance > Personal Investing > Options
Business / B2B – Interest – Investments and Stock Exchanges
Eyeota – B2B – Interest – Products and Services – Investments and Stock Exchanges


We also used contextual targeting to find users based on the content they are consuming. The keywords we used for this campaign were:

forex trading
+invest +stocks
+forex +trade
forex trader
+metatrader +4
+trading +bitcoin
how to forex trading
forex trading for beginners
+forex +trader
+forex +training
forex brokers
free forex signals
trading cryptocurrencies
trading stocks
forex broker
invest stocks online
+demo +forex
forex trading course
alpari group
+invest +gold +online
invest apple stocks
invest cryptocurrencies
+trade +gas


We started off with a whitelist of premium finance publishers, this was made up using the clients own list in addition to our list that we collated through research.

We negotiated and worked directly with these publishers to ensure we secured the best possible deal for the client. We then activated the publisher on a private marketplace deal also known as PMP (check out our blog post on PMPs here).

A selection of the best performing domains include:


A strong retargeting strategy ensures maximum media efficiency. To understand where users are on their path to purchase we export multiple event pixels that allow us to design a binary retargeting strategy. In the case of we tracked users across any of the following single events:


This allows us to maximise our bidding strategy to users who may have registered within 1,2,7,14 or 30 days but not yet deposited.


Having a clear structured report allows you to see the best strategies. Here are the list of just some of the dimensions we use when exporting our reports to give us the best possible overview:

Insertion Order Name
Tactic Name
Total Cost
Total Conversions
Total Conversion Rate
Conversion Segment Name
Insertion Order Currency Name


CPA target: £90
CPA delivered: £65.64

Check out some other customer success stories from other financial organisations.

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visa case study
Case Studies

Visa: Display Banners

Strategically placed display banners achieved nearly 11M ad impressions for VISA, helping to keep the brand front of people’s minds while travelling.

Benefits Programmatic Advertising

Benefits of Programmatic Advertising

BENEFITS OF PROGRAMMATIC ADVERTISING Programmatic Advertising: Transparency, Real-Time Stats Benefits of the Programmatic Advertising – Advant Technology[/caption] Programmatic advertising has been for many years been

Case Studies Programmatic

Visit Cyprus: Programmatic Display Advertising


Programmatic display

Explore Cyprus: Your Ultimate Travel Guide

Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with tourism boards in Tunisia, Canada, Greece, Poland among others. The extensive experience of working with governmental organisations to promote specific destinations have made us experts in this field. If you’re interested in hearing more about our work in tourism, please speak to our team.

Our work together with Visit Cyprus was focused around driving visitors to the Visit Cyprus Tourism Information Page through display advertising.

Cyprus is a very popular tourist destination with millions of visitors arriving on the island each year. Despite it being a popular choice for European tourists, the country has been struggling to attract visitors from Russia. There wasn’t much website traffic coming from Russia despite the site being translated into Russian. Therefore, increasing awareness among the Russian audience during the holiday planning/booking time became a first step in the campaign.

Considering the budget, creative capabilities and the best programmatic channels, we focused on display advertising. Our campaign was delivered across travel-related premium websites in affluent Russian cities such as Moscow, Yekaterinburg and St. Petersburg. The team monitored and optimised Google Analytics closely in order to segment traffic sources and feed data back into campaign delivery.


  • The campaign drove¬†220,000¬†new visitors to the landing page
  • Our methods resulted in a¬†20%¬†reduction in bounce rate
  • We saw an improvement of¬†1.8x¬†average time spent on site

Check out some of our other case studies from working with tourism organisations around the globe.

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Case Studies Programmatic

Medtronic: Programmatic Advertising




Programmatic Advertising

Medtronic, the global leader in medical technology, services, and solutions, was looking to increase awareness among a niche target audience while reducing the cost per lead. They also wanted our help to maximise the engagement of their existing content. 


Medtronic’s target audience for this particular campaign was neurosurgeons, not a huge group relative to the web. An innovative approach to targeting was needed to find the relevant audience, and further out-of-the-box thinking had to be applied to find the users with the highest engagement.


We worked with the Medtronic team to drive the maximum number of video views and clicks to their whitepapers within a relevant audience who showed interest in the content and ‚Äúwant to learn more‚ÄĚ.¬†

We used different targeting methods to achieve the best results: 

  • Targeting pages through a set of keywords (contextual targeting)
  • Find users based on 3rd party data (audience targeting)
  • Specific known top domains (domain targeting)
  • Targeting relevant categories such as business news, health etc.


  • We achieved 16 million impressions with conversion rates reaching up to 28.36%
  • Native ad formats significantly outperformed display

Are you looking for help managing your upcoming B2B campaigns? 

We’ve got plenty of B2B experience and have worked with many brands. Check out our other case studies.

We’d love to help. Speak to us today about your requirements.

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Blog News

Fountain of Hygiene


Fountain of Hygiene: Bridging Art and Hygiene Amidst COVID

In light of COVID-19, Bompas & Parr, together with the Design Museum, organised the competition Fountain of Hygiene to raise funds for the British Red Cross.

The competition invited creatives, designers and makers to explore the aesthetic, functional and social possibilities of enhanced hygiene this crisis have brought upon us.

When we were asked to partner with Bompas & Parr to help raise awareness of the Fountain of Hygiene competition, it was a given for us.

To maximise the number of competition entries, our strategy included using contextual targeting to run display banners on websites where we knew designers and creatives would spend their time, and in the end, our awareness campaign helped secure an impressive 182 entries.

contextual targeting

Terry Hearnshaw’s unit dose dispensing system won the London & Partners Sustainable Design category

Once the contestants had submitted their works, they were evaluated by a panel of eminent judges including:

Jules Chappell OBE
Managing Director of the Mayor Of London’s Promotional And Economic Development Agency, London & Partners

Marcus Fairs
Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Dezeen

Tim Marlow OBE
Chief Executive and Director, Design Museum

Harry Parr
Architect and Founder of Bompas & Parr

Deb Pellen
Global Director, Innovation at Bacardi

Serena Rees
British Businesswoman and Founder of les boys les girls

Prof Charles Spence
Experimental Psychologist and Head of the University of Oxford’s Crossmodal Research Laboratory

Bee Wilson
Food Journalist, Author and Historian

The winners were shortlisted by the jury based on four criteria including innovation, functionality, social impact and aesthetics.

With so many beautiful, whacky, innovative designs, it’s no exaggeration to say that the competition was fierce.

Check out the winning entries here.

Sally Reynolds’ stunning soap dispenser won the Luxury Design category

Sally Reynolds’ stunning soap dispenser won the Luxury Design category

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